Keep It Vintage: The Top 5 Vintage TV Shows You May Not Know About

If you were planning on being pandemic-free by the holidays, things aren’t looking good. COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the world, meaning that most people are stuck inside for the foreseeable future.

If you’ve watched Friends and The Office more times than you can remember, it might be time to watch a vintage show. But which older shows are worth your time?

Keep reading to learn about five vintage TV shows that are certain to brighten up your days at home.

Top 5 Vintage TV Shows
Top 5 Vintage TV Shows
  1. I Love Lucy

If you’re looking to see where sitcoms got their start, look no further than I Love Lucy. Featuring the iconic Lucille Ball, the show follows the lives of an eccentric woman named Lucy and her husband Ricky.

Although the first episode aired nearly 70 years ago, I Love Lucy remains enjoyable to this day. You’ll find yourself belly-laughing to the situations Lucy gets herself into, helping lighten the tension that everyone feels these days.

  1. Twin Peaks

Are you the type of person that enjoys a good crime mystery? If you are, look no further than Twin Peaks.

When a teenager is murdered in the town of Twin Peaks, an FBI agent heads there to crack the case. Quirky, unique, and familiar feeling, Twin Peaks will keep you on the edge of your seat until you finally figure out what happened to Laura Palmer.

  1. The Twilight Zone

It’s hard to find a show that blends different genres better than The Twilight Zone. With elements of horror, the supernatural, comedy, and drama, you’ll finish each episode unsure how to feel.

The Twilight Zone is an anthology series, meaning that each episode is independent of the next. It’s in many ways the parent to several modern shows of today, such as Black Mirror.

  1. Mad Men 

Are you longing to go back to pre-COVID days? How about way back? If you’re craving an escape to the 1960s, Mad Men has got you covered. It’s also one of the best vintage TV shows on Netflix.

Set in New York City, Mad Men tells the tale of a group of characters who work at an advertising firm. Stylish, dramatic, and thought-provoking, Mad Men covers a host of issues, from alcoholism and marriage, to the Vietnam War and women’s rights.

  1. Seinfeld 

Considered one of the best shows in recent history, Seinfeld is unique in that it does a lot with a little. In fact, it does a lot with nothing.

Do you remember the last time a show didn’t try to shove a lesson in your face? Seinfeld is unique in that it’s amoral. It doesn’t have a theme or lesson, and instead deals with the nuisances of day-to-day life.

Give One of These Vintage TV Shows a Try 

As days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, the chances of society returning might feel light years away. In between your time spent working from home, make sure to check out one of these vintage TV shows to keep you entertained.

Are you ready to give a vintage TV show a try? Before you go and start streaming it, make sure to check out our other articles for more guides and tips.


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