Golf for Beginners: What New Golfers Need to Know Before Heading Out to the Course

You could be the next Tiger Woods.

Millions of people play golf because it is a fun and affordable sport. You burn hundreds of calories in a golf game, and you make friends for life. But golf can be confusing.

Golf does have some advanced strategy. But you can learn the basics of golf in just a few minutes.

Here is a quick guide to golf for beginners.

Golf for Beginners
Golf for Beginners

Buy the Right Equipment

You have seen big, bulky golf bags. Golfers are allowed to carry up to fourteen clubs with them. But as a beginner, you only need a few.

Go to a sports store where you can test out clubs. Test and buy a driver, putter, and club wedge. As you get started, those are all the clubs you need.

Purchase a 6-iron, 8-iron, and pitching wedge as you gain experience. Pick clubs that provide loft. You need to be able to hold your clubs firmly, and you need to make a full swing with them.

You will also need balls. Select a few dozen. Select the best tees golf as well.

Nearly all courses require you to wear a collared shirt and khakis. Pick clothes that you can move around in easily. Pick out a pair of non-slip sneakers and wait to get golf shoes until you have experience.

Golf Drills for Beginners

Start out with stretching. Stretch your hip muscles, hamstrings, and lower back.

Then go to the range. Pick up your wedge, and start practicing half-swings. Develop your short-range game first.

As you build experience, move up to your driver. Practice your long-range swings.

Practice your short shots. Place some cups in your yard at different distances. Pitch your balls into them with your putter.

A chip shot stays low and moves along the ground. A pitch shot flies high. Practice both shots and know when to perform one or the other.

When you are ready for the course, start out with a three-hole game. Once you develop a good pace, go to a nine-hole game. Everyone knows that golf for beginners takes time, so don’t rush yourself.

Golf Game Etiquette

Etiquette is a major part of the golf experience. You need to learn the rules of golf, and you need to be a good sportsperson.

Wait your turn. The person who did best on the previous hole usually tees off first. While you’re waiting, make conversation with others.

If you are close to it, tend to the flagstick. Pull the flagstick out as the ball moves toward the hole. Put it back when you leave the green.

Yell “Fore!” whenever your ball comes close to someone. Shout it in your full voice. Yell out which direction the ball is going in.

Take care of the course. Do not drive the cart on the putting green. Fill holes you make in the green and rake the bunker after your ball lands in one.

Learn More About Golf for Beginners

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has a learning curve, but you can learn the rules in a few minutes.

Golf for beginners starts with the driver, putter, and club wedge Рmaster those clubs, then build upward. Practice your short-range and long-range shots. Distinguish between the chip and pitch shot.

Be a good sportsperson. Make conversation with your party, watch out for dangers, and tend to the green.

These are just the basics. Learn more tips on golf and sports by following our coverage.



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