Re Zero Season 2: Trailer Reaction, Release Date, Plot And What’s New About The New Season

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally got another look into what to expect from ReZero Season 2 plus the guaranteed release date of not too far away.

Re Zero wasn’t the only anime who had to delay the production. Much more anime joined the likes of Re Zero in the inevitable push of their release dates.

It is said to be one of the most popular Isekai series. In the world of manga, anime, and light novels, Isekai has become one of the most popular genres.

The Assegai resembles ‘Into another world’. The characters shifting to a different dimension. Normal humans become superheroes and then turn into supervillains, and the story follows these people. As it is being originated from Japan, Isegaianimes that gain worldwide popularity.

Re: Zero- Starting Life in a new world has become the most attractive Isegaianimes ever made.

Re Zero Season 2: Trailer Reaction

Other than getting to see a whole plethora of new characters we also got our first look into what happened to REM after the fight with Whale. If you remember at the end of the director’s cut they left us off with the massive cliffhanger of Emilia asking who is REM. An infamous line that many of you have now come across in one way or the other. here is another post: Vampire Diaries Season 9

Finally, we got some clues as to what exactly could have been the cause of Amelia’s loss of memory.

We’re super-excited that there was a lot of overwhelming stuff to be seen in this newly released trailer of Re Zero Season 2.

Other than the stuff with REM, we did have an introduction to the white-haired lady from the first trailer.

In the first scene, we got to see Subaru wandering about what looks to be an old cast, he then hears the mysterious voice talk about how Subaru made an interesting decision. After turning around, he bites himself to be teleported to open  Green Plains. On one of those hills, there’s a single woman who introduces herself as Echidna – the witch of greed.

We then switch over to a couple of scenes involving new additions to the Roswell mansion. One would be the new housemaid called Frederica and the other would be his partner Garfiel.

The cast is definitely growing and with it, you can expect the immensity of the story to do so as well.

Re Zero Season 2: Release Date

We’re super-excited to see how the Re Zero Season 2 would play out. It’s definitely shaping up to be the best anime this summer. When it comes out, one can expect the first episode to air on July 8th, 2020.

The only disappointing thing about Re Zero Season 2 would be that it’ll be the split between the summer and the winter. The first half of season 2 is going to air in July and the second half in January of next year.

Initially, the season was due to release on April 2020, then later delay to July due to the ever-increasing Coronavirus which has halted its production and the other major animes in line.

Re Zero Season 2: Plot

Re Zero Season 2

Subaru Natsuki is the lead protagonist of the show dressed in RPG-style fantasy and perceive to belong to a different world.

The time travel machine came as a sudden shock when he was teleported to a different world when he was going home from a general store. Once Subaru reached another dimension, he was blessed with a special superpower.

Subaru meets a girl here named Emilia. The story starts when they Subaru tend to develop strong feeling for Emilia. They become good friends and he tries to protect her from enemies of the other dimensions.

Fans would be expecting a lot of twists Re Zero Season 2 as Subaru will have to face tougher challenges.

Let us know what do you think about the whole situation surrounding REM is. We’re curious to know how you guys will try to piece everything together.


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