Must Watch Educational Shows for Adults

After a tough day at work, people usually look for an uncomplicated show to pass their time and while they do offer entertainment, they don’t really help you. If you’re someone who loves to learn new things but you just don’t have the time or strength to do so given your busy schedule, watching these educational shows will prove to be worth your time. Engaging and interactive, they go about their way teaching you something new and offering you a different perspective on things without overwhelming you. So, make sure you give them a try. They’ll brighten your day and reignite your passion for learning.

Must Watch Educational Shows for Adults
Must Watch Educational Shows for Adults

How it’s made

You can go out and buy anything you need now and as great as that may be, learning about the process makes it that much better, not to forget it develops your insight and perspective. Love yourself a Ferrari? Well, this show will tell you exactly how it’s made. From the paint job to the engine and assembly, it shows you all. Or are you a chocolate connoisseur? In that case enjoy a journey to the workshop of some of the world’s most loved sugary treats. This educational tour of factories and manufacturing plants is a must binge for all.

Man vs. Wild

Where most species go extinct, humans have managed to toughen out the toughest situation and survive which is why you’ll find them in the hottest climates and the freezing cold climate alike. Wondering how? Well, in time you’ll know it all. This show teaches you how to survive in the most difficult places and environments. What you can eat, where you can take shelter, how to create tools, you’ll go over it all with host Bear Grylls.

Modern Marvels

If you’re interested in learning about the unique discoveries and inventions that paved the way for the kind of life we live today, you must give Modern Marvels a watch. It explores mesmerizing architecture and deep dives into modern gadgets teaching you about the history of every great achievement.

Who Do You Think You Are

If you loved learning about your ancestry through the 23andme set, you’ll love this show for sure. This hit TLC series traces the genealogy of popular celebrities like Brooke Shields, Susan Sarandon and Emmitt Smith. Knowing your roots is important and this look into family histories often end up being filled with surprises showing you just how much you don’t know. There’s much to learn here and you’ll even pick a few tricks and tips in researching your own family tree. You’ll get a glimpse into how historians use city records and what those records can reveal. And, you’ll have tons of fun along the way!

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

For all the foodies out there willing to try new foods even if only once, you simply can’t miss this!

In this series Anthony Bourdain takes you on an adventure exploring tasty, exotic cuisine and the interesting cultures they developed in. You get to visit remote parts of the world and sample unfamiliar foods. From Thailand and Myanmar to Jamaica to Morocco you get to see it all.

The Doctors

The study of medicine is perhaps one that we know least about even though it impacts us all acutely. It is to be expected as years of study and practice go into it. Going to med school is not everybody’s cup of tea but that doesn’t mean we should cultivate our ignorance about it. This CBS talk show explores the news-worthy medical stories, gives you an update on technological advancements in medicine and furnishes you with tips to live a healthy life. The best part is the captivating way they tell the stories and present facts. There’s no way you’ll get bored watching these doctors discuss health issues.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

While we don’t know everything, we like to think that we’re smarter than a 5th grader. After all, with years of education and experience we should be, right? With this show though, you’re in for a surprise.

The show offers cash prize to contestants that can answer 10 questions correctly. And, all these questions are taken from elementary books. You’d think everyone would be walking out with a thick wad of cash and if you do, you couldn’t be more wrong. These questions sound easy but it really show how much we forget as we grow up. A perfect way to sharpen our knowledge and revise our basics, this show is a must watch.

Final Words

There you go, with these shows, you’ll be back to learning in no time. All you need is a good cable TV plan like Spectrum TV Select and you’ll be able to watch them with ease. With a vast on demand library you can binge in your free time and get the flexibility you deserve. What’s more, it’s affordable and sure to fit in your budget so there’s nothing to worry about. Now go ahead and exercise your mind!


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