Top 9 Best Places to Get Naked in AZ, (Arizona 2023)

The desert is worth experiencing: white hot heat, morning treks, cooling pool hangouts in the middle of the day, and a wonderful meal when the sun goes down and you finally feel cool enough to continue.

Instead of the beach, why not try the desert for a quick escape from the city?

Here is the list of Best Places to Get Naked in AZ, Arizona.

  1. Tanque Verde Falls.
  2. El Dorado Hot Springs, Tonopah.
  3. Canyon State Naturists, Phoenix.
  4. AZ Lagoon del Sol, Phoenix.
  5. Mira Vista Resort, Tucson.
  6. Bartlett Lake, Tonto National Forest.
  7. Naked yoga
  8. Shangri La Ranch
  9. Sycamore Creek

1 Tnque Verde Falls

Best Places to Get Naked in Arizona, Tnque Verde Falls

Tanque Verde Falls is a wonderful haven for trekkers who merit a well-earned rest and a cool plunge in the natural pools.

It is situated in Saguaro National Park, east of Tucson, and is surrounded by desert-specific animals, rocky terrain, and saguaro cactus.

You may feel the real desert in this location, which is well-known as a superb nudist vacation spot.

Be ready to encounter numerous hikers in their underwear who came to cool off in this unique location’s waters.

2 El Dorado Hot Springs, Tonopah

Best Places to Get Naked in Arizona, El Dorado Hot Springs, Tonopah

A popular and easily reached urban retreat is El Dorado.

It is practically a drive away from the turmoil of the city, 40 miles from Phoenix.

Visit Eldorado Hot Springs and take in the cooling spring water if you’d like to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Of course, visiting Eldorado Hot Springs will bring you to the resort’s major draw: the little pools it fills with water from an underground natural spring.

If you want a more private setting, you can reserve one of the private pools; alternatively, you can visit the spacious common pool area and strike up a conversation with a few strangers.

3 Canyon State Naturists, Phoenix

Best Places to Get Naked in Arizona, Canyon State Naturists, Phoenix

The Canyon State Naturists are an excellent representation of Arizona’s nudist culture and all that it has to offer.

You can choose between boating, camping, hiking, or party evenings by the pool if you choose this vibrant location.

You will find a small group of naturists in Canyon State who enjoy clothing-free events and know how to do them properly.

They are a registered organisation and activist group that is devoted to spreading knowledge about, assisting, and teaching anyone who wish to live a nudist lifestyle.

4 AZ Lagoon del Sol, Phoenix

Places to Get Naked in Arizona, AZ Lagoon del Sol

One nudist resort that sticks out from the others on this list is the AZ Lagoon del Sol, which is upscale and exclusive.

For a quick weekend escape while soaking in Phoenix’s sun, consider staying at this property in North Phoenix, which was converted into a nudist bed and breakfast.

This B & B is the ideal option for anyone who wants to avoid the crowds and have a relaxing nudist experience, according to TripAdvisor, where visitors left nothing less than stellar ratings.

5 Mira Vista Resort, Tucson

Places to Get Naked in AZ, Mira Vista Resort, Tucson

The Tuscon resort Mira Vista has been a pioneer in the hotel industry for more than a century and is renowned as one of the top nudist locations.

Saguaro cactus and other species of desert animals can be found here, adding to the area’s distinctive flora and wildlife and enhancing your visit.

The Mira Vista Resort offers a pool where you may sunbathe and cool down whenever you wish, and it is constructed in a traditional Tucson design.

6 Bartlett Lake, Tonto National Forest

Bartlett Lake, Tonto National Forest

Bartlett Lake is situated in the captivating Tanto National Forest.

In the typical arid setting, this location functions as a sort of cooling oasis.

Bartlett Lake is one of the most well-liked locations for nude swimming and sunbathing, so treat yourself with a refreshing plunge there after a strenuous day of hiking in the oppressive heat.

You will undoubtedly make new acquaintances and have a good time here.

7 Naked yoga

Would you like to practise naked yoga? Every Saturday at 1 p.m., Megan Leigh Yoga offers a gentle yoga session where participants can shed their clothes and egos while learning to “Love the Skin You’re In.” Bring a towel and a body-affirming attitude as you go nude in Arizona and engage in a physical activity. For more information, contact Megan Leigh Yoga.

8 Shangri La Ranch

Shangri La is a terrific destination for your first naked encounter if you’re considering going nude for the first time in Arizona. The staff at Shangri La Ranch, one of Arizona’s most well-known clothing-optional resorts, is courteous, and the regulars are hospitable to visitors. Shangri La Ranch is a kid-friendly facility with a pool, hot tub, tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, and more in New River, which is located north of Phoenix. The nicest part is that Shangri La gives first-time guests a pass for free.

9 Sycamore Creek

Check out Sycamore Creek, which has multiple natural pools used for skinny-dipping, if you want to go hiking naked wearing nothing but your Travel Cat Backpack. The creek is frequently dry in the summer, so the ideal times to visit are spring and fall. Take the Beeline Highway to milepost 212 and search for a bridge with a sign indicating Sycamore Creek nearby to locate the location. Turn right onto the gravel road after crossing the bridge. Just past the ford, at the T-intersection, turn left. Look for the old water tank.


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