Yuri on Ice Season 2- Release Date, Trailer, Plot & Everything

Yuri on Ice Season 2 is the Japanese show. It is the most expected from most of the international TV community as the first season to set the Japanese anime in the world.

This is an international male skating that took the internet by storm after it first aired in 2016, which seems like the all-time high.

The athlete is concerned about the anime in Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki. His role model Russian figure-skating champion Viktor Nikiforov as well as young Russian skater Uri Yuri Plitetsky.

(Yes, there are two characters named Yuri on the show) Sayo Yamamoto is a director of Yuri on Ice and Mitsuo Kubo is composer of this show.

Yuri on Ice soon became a worldwide hit, thanks to the beautiful relationship between Victor and Yuri and the beautifully choreographed ice-skating routine. A kiss was revealed with the original scene.

That said, the anime show has followed a lot, with fans eager to see how this Season 2 will build a relationship between Yuri and Victor.

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Release Date

Can we get Yuri and a feature film in the second season of Ice? Strange things happened. The movie is set to make its debut in 2019 for the first time (the last time we heard it), so we probably won’t get any word out after the possible Season 2 release date.

In the meantime, Season 1 Blu-ray / DVD came out of Funimation in early 2019, so there!

The Plot of this Season 2


Although we don’t know the details of the Yuri on Ice Season 2 plot, we can assume that it will continue to focus around Yuri Katsuki. Fans have speculated that the second season will pit Yuri and Victor against each other on the ice, which will obviously complicate their relationship, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Now that we know that a feature film is in development. So, there’s no doubt that anything comes down to any plot movie of Season 2. It’s hard to guess what the A2 plot might look like when we haven’t seen the movie yet.

Clip Features of Yuri On Ice Season 2

A teaser clip of Yuri on Ice Season 2 on the first series Blu-ray shows Russian Yuri performing a new skating routine but reveals nothing about the details of the plot. Presumably, the rivalry between the two Yuri will continue as a cause of this season.

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Trailer

By the way,  the official trailer for Season 2 is available yet. Therefore, we do have this promo featuring a completely new Russian Yuri show on Yuri on Ice Blu-ray. Which is pretty ridiculous.

In another great video, Filipino skater Joel Minas is performing Yuri’s “Tribute to Love: Eros” in real life for the Yuri on Ice Fan event.

Final Word

In conclusion, Guys you know little information about yuri on ice season 2. We promise when the Trailer and also complete show will release, we will notify you. Therefore, kindly follow us for updates.

So, guys, we have to keep patience and also wait for the official announcement.

Stay home, stay safe.

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