Russian Doll Season 2: Release Date And Everything We Can Expect From Season 2

Would there be Russian Doll Season 2?

Russian Doll was the surprise hit of January 2019. The show seemed to come out from nowhere to sweep the board as the best TV series of the month.

While the whole thing ended perfectly and that probably isn’t a need for a follow-up. We all know deep down that Netflix won’t let this one go off into the parade. They’ll have plans for a sequel.

Obviously, the hype is quite high for the return. With NatasaLyonne admitting that it was originally pitched as a three-season show, it seems very likely.

What direction will the show take? When can we expect its release?

Russian Doll Season 2: Release Date


If Russian Doll season 2 is renewed then we imagine that it will have a release of January 2020 to coincide with the annual schedule that Netflix tends to stick to.

But it was later postponed to March 2020 and since then there has been no official announcement. The production was reported to be halted due to the pandemic outbreak that has taken nearly took Netflix’s production by storm.

As the seasons are just 8 half-hour episodes, this makes it far easier in terms of shooting and editing especially with the reuse of locations.

So if we’re lucky we may even get just in time before Christmas 2020.

Russian Doll Season 2: What Going To Happen In The Next Season?

Obviously the next big thing that most people want to know is what could happen in the second season?

The first direction of the show could take, comes from your opinion of the ending. If you think that the timelines merged, then the first question is what timelines are they in? Are they in Alan’s version of the events or Nadia’s?

If you think that the timelines didn’t merge then we’ll have an offshoot of both versions of the couple’s going off down their own path.

This would be interesting as it could showcase both the relationship outcome where one might be failing and the other is wining.

Another possibility comes from the line that Nadia says in the show that states there may be an infinite amount of timelines. As Nadia and Alan have already had their happy ending, we could follow one of the timelines why they never met and see just how different their lives could have been without each other.

Who knows they may even come together at the end?

Russian Doll season 2: Cast

In the second season, we will see the lead character of Nadia and Alan. Nadia is a lead protagonist played by Natasha Lyonne.

Besides that, Greta Lee, as Maxine, will appear, and she is the best friend of Nadia. Moreover, Yul Vazquez, Elizabeth Ashley, Charlie Barnett, and Kate Jennings will appear on the screen.

Russian Doll season 2: Next Season May Scraps Nadia And Alan!

Another possibility and the one that opens up the most amount of option is if Russian Doll season 2 completely scraps Nadia and Alan. It may start with brand new characters who find themselves stuck in a time loop.

The actors could easily return to the show and play different people similar to what we see in American Horror story and this would allow for new settings and scenarios.

We think this would the best way to go. As we said earlier, Nadia and Alan have already had their perfect send-offs and we would rather see a new group of people figuring themselves out.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Russian Doll season 2 and what do you think could happen it? Make sure you leave in the comment box below.

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