What Are the Must-Have Tools to Work with Virtual Assistant?

Want to be a virtual assistant or already into Virtual Assistant Jobs, you must be well aware of all struggles and challenges. Into this profession for any project related to animator, web development, software creator, digital marketer, etc.

Today to become a virtual assistant is relatively easy, but maintaining a professional reputation is much tricky. Many companies and entrepreneurs are now in favor of hiring freelancers and virtual assistants to hold their projects. As it saves money, time, and hassles.

Virtual assistants are, luckily, more productive and professional than traditional employee aspects. Therefore the demand for VA in Freelance Photography Jobs, 3d Modeling Jobs, Freelance Transcription Jobs, and more are increasing rapidly.

In this post, we will be telling you the best and efficient must-have tools you need while working with the VA. So, let’s scroll and check out more.


Why Tools Are Important For Virtual Assistants

  • To build a significant online presence with business builders.
  • It helps you to have a professional email address and portfolio.
  • Ensures smoother communication with clients and companies.
  • Supports and manages your projects and tasks.
  • Keeps you updated about project needs, client requirements with transparent collaboration.
  • Helps in proper scheduling of posts, social profiles, business emails, and virtual meetings.
  • It provides a perfect and organized way to collect data and all relevant information.
  • Ensures safe payment modes, to pay and collect your money globally.

The Comprehensive List of Tools to Work with Virtual Assistant

The flexibility and adaptability of virtual assistants help them with assorted aspects to manage projects. Some essential tools needed to work efficiently with VA professionals are as follows:

Website Building Tools

A professional website with custom domain and hosting is imperative for virtual assistants. There are excellent website builder tools available over the web, such as WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.

The design, layout, appearance, optimized fonts, themes, etc. make a website look more impressive and professionals. To add more liable and unique features, the use of add-on and plugins is also useful for flexible functionality.

Email Hosting Tools

To have a professional email address is also crucial to build a profile into the dedicated professionalism you are serving for. Generally use of Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail with a simple email address is efficient.

Still, creating an email Id with your website domain name is more amazing to get hired for clients or even large projects in companies. G-Suit or Zoho Mail is popular email hosting tools for VA.

Communication Tools

Being a VA professional, the remoted availability 24/7 with different time’s zones needs easy and effortless communication. To build a strong, clear, and transparent relationship with clients, companies, and entrepreneurs, virtual assistants need high-quality communication tools for anytime video callings, conferencing calls, presentation softwares, etc. The use of Zoom, Skype, and Slack is somewhat safe and efficient in any Virtual Assistant Job.

Task Management Tools

Precisely VA also needs to manage and organize their scheduling with clients and companies. Handling multiple projects by virtual assistants is challenging, yet they need to well-organized their schedule with the client’s guidelines and deadlines over the project.

Task management tools help to handle the workload efficiently and hassle-free. A popular task managing tool is Task Pigeon that helps professionals to categorized their tasks, projects, comment, save, assign, etc. Even many are adaptive to use Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.

Time Tracking Tools

Spending a lot of time in the form of a laptop or computer is obviously not healthy. Virtual assistants need to take a break, as they have flexible hours to work. Thus, using time tracking tools will help them to keep their mind fresh, body in rest, and proper handling of projects. The use of Toggl and Time Doctor ensures the best time scheduling and managing of tasks.

Other Important Virtual Assistant Tools

  • File Sharing And Management Tools: Like Microsoft Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox.
  • Social Tools: Like Hootsuite, Buffer, MeetEdgar.
  • Form Creator Tools: Like Paperform, Typeform, Google Forms.
  • Payment Tools: Like PayPal, Transferwise, Payoneer.


Hopefully, our described must-have tools for virtual assistants will help you get an idea about the essential implementing software. As a VA, you can easily manage, coordinate, and organize your profession with great perfection with the mentioned tools.

For more Random & Quot ideas, hacks, and tips about VA, you can give us any time. Furthermore, if you plan to be the part of any freelancing community and want to get started with your careercheck out part time virtual assistant jobs at Dormzi.


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