Employee Monitoring vs Time Tracking Software – Which One Is for You?

Employee monitoring software and time tracking both play a vital role in the modern workplace. However, it’s common for teams to choose one over the other — often without a clear understanding of which is better for their situation.

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of each type of software to help you decide which is best for your team. 

Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software are specially designed programs that employers use to track employee performance and progress. Some of the best PC monitoring software tools also provide additional information such as location, and data usage may also be tracked. 

Employee computer monitoring software helps you to keep track of what your employees are doing on their devices. During the workday, monitoring software collects, stores, and analyzes information on visited websites, search queries, running programs, and external storage devices.

These services also monitor users’ social media activities, outgoing emails, and chats on numerous platforms. There are various methods for monitoring the performance of individuals and teams, such as:

  • Cloud based employee monitoring where employee data is stored in company servers.
  • The use of a screen monitoring app that records all the activity carried out on a given computer or device
  • Tracking GPS on company phones and vehicles
  • Use of biometric identification

Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

  • Increased productivity

Employee PC monitoring software can have an automatic influence on productivity because employees are aware that they are being monitored. Employees tend to be more focused and less distracted in their job when they are aware that management is monitoring their performance and conduct and keeping track of what they do with their time.

  • Improved security 

Employee monitoring allows you to protect your documents and information, such as installed applications and web pages you’ve frequented. Some monitoring software includes the use of a screen monitoring app that protects your data from security breaches or suspicious behavior. 

  • Improved team productivity 

Analysis of employee activity helps you identify productive workers while rooting out the unproductive ones. You get to know the pain points of your employees and come up with ways to improve them. Additionally, you get to find out what areas are their strong points and continuously improve them. 

4. Better management and planning

Employers can see how much time and effort an employee spends on a given client with employee tracking. The data collected offers managers and supervisors a better understanding of how to allocate both finances and human effort. 

5. Allows you to conduct employee performance reviews 

Monitoring allows employers to recognize an employee’s performance. It helps a company to assess a person’s leadership skills and readiness to go above and beyond for a customer. As a result, employees feel appreciated for their efforts and that their employer values them more.

Time Tracking Software

Managers and staff use time tracking software to record work hours for billing, payroll, and operations. They are used to automate payroll or client invoicing by capturing time spent on given tasks. They can also provide insights into company operations, such as which tasks consume the most time and money, allowing users to manage project budgets.

Accurate time tracking can assist organizations in preventing money leakage. It can also help them increase staff productivity by providing them with additional information about how they work.

You can use time tracking to uncover performance bottlenecks and determine who on your team is the most productive. As a result, you’ll be able to figure out what works and identify top performers.

Technology monitoring techniques used in time tracking include:

  • Manual time tracking through the use of spreadsheets
  • Use of biometric clocks that use fingerprints or facial recognition
  • Use of a punch clock

Benefits of Time Tracking Software

  • Prevents misuse of company funds

Employee time monitoring enables you to find and solve critical issues such as staffing shortages, failure to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities, and late payments. These are just some of the significant challenges that employers may cause revenue leakage.

  • Improved efficiency

One of the advantages is that you can keep track of all the meetings, project assignments, and customer feedback sessions in the downtime. As a result, you’ll be able to examine the team’s workflow and identify any gaps.

  • Cost efficiency

Employers can better comprehend the company processes and recognize where any problems need to be solved thanks to time tracking software. Minor issues frequently go undiscovered until it is too late. This technology will make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Helps during billing clients

When you use an app to track your work hours, you can be more accurate in payroll. Rewarding hard workers is always a wise investment and a fair thing to do. When it comes to being paid, time tracking and billing software will be your best friend. Clients will rarely underpay you if you use this software to calculate billable hours and deliver these reports to them.

  • Reduces employee absences

Employees can better manage their calendars when they can see what days off they have available. This means that companies will see a significant increase in the number of unscheduled employee absences, which will impact productivity. Employees will be able to schedule their time more efficiently, and anyone misusing the system will be flagged.


Tracking and monitoring employee progress is crucial in companies because it gives managers and employers a better understanding of business processes. Time tracking and employee monitoring software have numerous benefits to employees and businesses. Combining these two software programs would be double the advantage in cutting costs and ensuring the increased efficiency and productivity of staff. Lucky for you, all-in-one employee monitoring and time tracking tools exist today.


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