How To Find Cheap Car Rental Deals in Dubai

Rental cars are a crucial part of your trip especially if you are traveling as a tourist. It will be the best option if you want to move around with freedom and your own pace. With your own rental car, you don’t have to wait for public transport, you can head towards anywhere, anytime.

Most people think that rental cars are an expensive addition to their trip, but that’s not the case if you are visiting Dubai. The automobile industry is quite cheap in Dubai, whether you are renting a car, or buying it. But, to find the Rent A Car Dubai you have to dig a little deeper. And, in this blog, we will discuss how to find cheap car rental companies.

Tips to find cheap car rental deals in Dubai

Try to book a car online

Rent A Car Dubai
Rent A Car Dubai

Many professional car rental companies in Dubai are offering the best and discounted prices only if you book online. It doesn’t only cost you less money, but also you will be comfortable mentally if you book your car before your trip especially in the rushy days. But, before you book make sure that the car rental company is offering a refund if you cancel the booking due to any emergency.

Check car deals in aggregator sites

Check car deals in aggregator sites
Check car deals in aggregator sites

Start your search with aggregator sites like Kayak, Expedia as these third-party websites are offering the best deals on car rental. The best thing about aggregator websites is that you can check the options from various companies like Dollar, Hertz, RentalcarsUAE. Choose the one with the affordable deals for a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Also, make sure to check the different insurances provided by these companies if you are under 25.

Compare the rates on the rental company website

Just don’t stop after checking the rates from the aggregation websites. Just type the company name, go to their websites, and now compare the prices. The company might be offering fewer rates than aggregation websites. Now it’s a win-win situation. You know all the choices now, and you can go for the least expensive option according to your budget. Subscribe to their newsletter so you will get the emails whenever they are offering discounts.

Opt for economy cars

If you are on a little tight budget, opt for the economical car instead of booking a Ferrari, or any other sports or luxury car. It will be the best option for you especially if you are traveling with a group of friends or family. Don’t get overwhelmed with the thoughts that rental cars are expensive. If you are traveling in Dubai in the metro, taxi, or a public bus and you are moving all day around, it will turn out to be more expensive than the rental car. Economical cars are the best and budget-friendly option. Also, rent the car according to your trip duration. Opt for a Monthly Rent a car alternative if you are staying in UAE for a long period.

Use the right credit card for car rental

Do your complete research before renting a car. Most of us don’t know that credit cards offer rental car insurance these days. So, instead of paying insurance charges, just pay with your right credit card. Ignore if the dealer emphasizes to buy the car insurance along with the rental car. You will end up spending more than your expectations.

Final thoughts

We have mentioned all the worthy tips to find a cheap car rental deal in Dubai. Just follow these tips and rent out an economic car for your Dubai trip. Opt for a car lease in Dubai option if you are in UAE for work or to explore business opportunities. Also, you can check RentalcarsUAE for the best rental car deals in the town. Happy traveling!!


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