What Is the Best Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?

Also known as e-logs or ELDs, electronic logging devices are electronic devices that are installed in commercial vehicles for tracking and logging driving hours. Fleet companies usually install these tracking devices in their car engines. Hours of Service (HOS) regulations vary from country to country. Basically, an e-log monitors your automobile’s engine to log data including engine running time, distance covered, idle time, and other parameters.

ELD & FMCSA Compliance

Prior to the introduction of ELDs, fleet companies used electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) to track the hours of service of their drivers. Although recorder logs could be used to obtain accurate vehicle performance data, the lack of consistency in the data formats meant that fleet managers often had to convert their logs into suitable formats for review purposes.

ELD legislation defines consistent formats that should be provided for enforcement officers to review the data. Thus, the ELD Mandate was created. In 2017, FMCSA (the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) announced the Final Rules of the e-log mandate and called on fleet companies to comply with the specifications.

What is the best electronic logging device?

It’s some time now since the U.S. government began requiring all commercial motor vehicles to have e-logging devices. That means finding the best ELD is a must if you operate a commercial vehicle. Here are the top 3 ELD providers to consider.

  •   E-log By EyeRide

EyeRide designs vehicle tracking software for both fleet companies and car owners. They are the best partner for fleet management if you are looking for accurate, powerful and reliable vehicle-tracking devices such as e-logs and automatic passenger counters.

As the leading e-logging device in the market today, E-log by EyeRide provides you with FMCSA-compliant ELDs. EyeRide’s proprietary technology allows vehicle owners to easily track and manage their Records of Duty.

Your vehicle logs are updated in real-time through synchronization between Eyeride’s mobile and web platforms. A connection to your car’s diagnostic port allows for real-time tracking of engine statistics. This way, accurate data analytics gives you accurate insights into your fleet’s performance. You can navigate here and check out E-log by EyeRide.

  •   KeepTruckin ELD

This E-log is one of the popular ELD options you can consider. A KeepTruckin ELD features a user-friendly interface at an affordable price. In fact, it’s one of the best alternatives to EyeRide’s electronic logging devices. Additionally, KeepTruckin offers a 24/7 customer support service and they have numerous ELD options for fleet companies to track their HOS in a streamlined and cost-effective way.

  •   Garmin eLog

The Garmin eLog is another great e-logging device that’s worth considering. It comes with a simple learning curve for both drivers and fleet managers. Garmin stands out in the ELD market because of its “no ongoing costs” service.

Meanwhile, their e-logs do a great job in allowing you to track your fuel consumption, and saving thousands of dollars every month. You can install Garmin e-Logs in different kinds of vehicles. Garmin’s free mobile app allows car owners to enter their on-duty status manually and easily view their remaining hours.


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