Spring vs. Purified Water Which One To Choose

As water is one of the body’s vital elements, even slight dehydration can impair your athletic performance and the ability to bounce back from any workout. The reason is rightly apparent as water makes up approximately 75% of muscle tissue and 10% of subcutaneous fat in the body. If the water tastes good, people are more likely to drink it. Undoubtedly, the foundation of excellent health is drinking adequate water regularly.

The significance of water in its totality is neverending. It is why, when the question of quenching your thirst comes around, you have to choose wisely. You may be thinking, ‘Since when do I have to choose amongst water?’ As compared to the past, water is now available in multiple kinds. You can find it as tap, spring, purified, distilled, alkaline, and so much more. The two most beneficial, out of these all, to drink are spring and purified. Not only do they taste different, but their nutritional content is better as well. This post is especially for Atlanta residents, so let’s dive into the debate of spring water vs. purified water. Learn which one can give you the healthiest and purest drinking experience possible in the city.

Spring Water

In principle, drinking spring water is beneficial to one’s health. A natural, mountain or, artesian spring provides authentic spring water. Springwater comes from a subsurface source that organically rises to the top. It is why, to categorize water as natural spring water, it must come to the surface by itself. You might be worried that this type of water will contain impurities; however, Springwater is incredibly clean when if extracted in the right way. This type of water is mineral-rich, which is significant given that the human body is about two-thirds water. This natural resource is necessary for cleansing, toxin clearance, and the proper functioning of all organs, such as your brain, which is around 75 percent water.

Advantages of Drinking Springwater

One of the main advantages of natural spring water is that it comes from a clean underground water supply that flows to the surface. As a result, it helps to eliminate most pollutants that people may commonly find in drinkable water. However, it retains all of the natural minerals and properties that give the water its outstanding taste after passing through the elaborate filtering system. Not only that, but it also has a mineral content that is good for the health of most living organisms. Depending on the source, these minerals include sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It does not end there; drinking magnesium and calcium-rich water will help lower the incidence of heart disease and osteoporosis. The pH of mineral-rich water is usually neutral or slightly alkaline, which keeps your natural pH balanced. Springwater gives the body and brain much-needed oxygen, assists digestion, helps us maintain a healthy weight, and tastes delicious. The taste of spring water is never stale or bland.

Disadvantages of Drinking Springwater

Springwater, in a majority, is often never bottled at the source but poured into massive tanker trucks and transferred to a bottling facility. To avoid pollution, the water in those trucks must be chlorinated or ozonated at all times. This process induces chemicals into the drinking water, which is not good news for your body. As enticing as spring water may be, it has many of the same pollutants as tap water. Water dissolves minerals such as iron, calcium, nitrate, magnesium, potassium, sodium even, mercury, and lead as it flows through the various layers of earth, sand, and rock.

Purified Water

For anyone looking for a more simplistic explanation of purified water, it is the water that underwent filtration and rigorous processing, coupled with carbon treatment to minimize the dissolved solids, namely, less than ten parts per million. To get water down to this level, several different techniques of water filtration are available. These water purification procedures include reverse osmosis, distillation, and ion exchange. The purification process helps removes all of the impurities from the water. It helps to thoroughly remove contaminants such as chemicals, metals, bacteria, sediment, minerals, and others.

Advantages of Drinking Purified Water

It would be better to specify purified water as water free of contaminants. Purifying water eliminates unwanted and harmful toxins, guaranteeing that the water you drink is safe, healthy, and pure. Purified water ensures that the essential minerals you need to function are present in the water you consume. This type of water eliminates hazardous bacteria that may cause sickness, stomach pain, and nausea. The processing part comprises a stage with chlorine, which disinfects the water and improves its odor and taste! Many people prefer to use purified water to help pull poisons out of the body or even utilize it for short-term detox therapies because of its high acidity. Drinking plenty of pure water can help your skin stay hydrated and healthy. Your skin will appear dry if you do not hydrate it as advised. Due to this, you should drink at least 4 liters of clean, purified water every day to assist your skin get rid itself of all harmful chemicals.

Disadvantages of Drinking Purified Water

The higher the bodily acidity, the more filtered water a person drinks. If someone wants to put this in context, ultra-pure water will dissolve the copper pipe’s interior. Studies demonstrate that people who drink loads of soft drinks excrete adequate large quantities of calcium, magnesium, and other trace elements in their urine. Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure can happen due to drinking purified water in high contents. As this type of water is often incredibly soft, there is a connection between soft drinking water and cardiovascular disease. The longer one drinks pure water, the more mineral shortages and an acidic state can develop.

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Final Words

Just like any other health-related problem, your choice of drinking water is also an entirely personal decision. However, there are things to look out for, which mean you should always do your homework on the available types before settling on a particular one. After looking at the benefits-to-risks ratio, you can go for either Spring or Purified Water and drink enough to be healthy!


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