Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War – How to Win at Multiplayer

Are you a Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and desperate to win the multiplayer? Dropping into the Cold War and shooting heavily is the game’s new highlight. However, there are slight twists and turns into the game that demands a new approach. 

There are Cold War hacks that let you to get started the game and register a win rather than play only for fun. The game is gaining popularity steadily as it is fast, exciting, and frantic when players return to the multiplayer series. 

Multiplayer is as fierce as ever, but newbies and veterans might give a pause and check their skills before diving into the game. If you want to win the Multiplayer, then check out the following tips. 

Know the map

It is easier to learn the map’s layout and figure out the heavily crowded lanes. It will help if you learn the map to know the choke points of instant kill zones in the Cold War. You need to know the enemy spawn points on the map. It will help you avoid turn backs while going down towards the enemy lane. 

And yes! Little things like knowing chokepoints and map can create a lot of difference to win the Call of Duty.   A quick escape route on the map like a hole or tunnel in the wall can save from getting killed and survive in the game. 

Upgrade the guns 

As you will use your weapons in the Cold War, they will level up to get new attachments. Let me tell you that the most important is the attachment, as each one will update your gun. It is the key to tailor gear to the playstyle. 

As you will understand the need to switch from sprinting to aiming quickly, you will prioritize specific attachments. Ensure to get the kit and decide the attachments you want to unlock and put time carefully. 

Utilize sound 

The thumb rule of the Call of Duty multiplayer is to keep your ears open. Audio gives you a whole lot of information while getting a drop on other players. The sound also warns when enemies are trying to get a drop on you. Sound tracks the footsteps and movement while other players run. You can also hear suppressed enemy shots even though they do not appear on the mini-map.

Playing with decent headphones enables you to isolate and respond to the audio cues. On top of it, you can also anticipate many enemies as they approach you and catch people coming behind. 

Play the objective 

If you wish to get more kills and wins at the multiplayer, it is essential to play the objective. The objective locations are convergence points that will keep you involve in the mission. It will ensure you stay active in the middle of the action. Whether you are simply at the objective’s edge, you can increase the kills by picking off the opponents.

It would help if you are sure to secure or capture the objective, or else the enemy can get the win. Completing the objectives will help you pick a few easy kills and add up to your current score. 

Kill the scorestreaks

Scorestreaks in the Cold War multiplayer can sometimes be difficult for beginners to understand, leading veterans to take advantage. When a player dies, the score earned does not reset. It provides a medium by which multipliers can speed up a scorestreak in short order. Remember, only kills count towards the scorestreaks instead of the mission objectives. 

Try to establish your scorestreak vector while eliminating the possibility from the opposing side. Do not forget that vehicles are soft targets to end a rival team’s scorestreak.

Stick to the basics

Do not neglect the physical stuff, especially the running. You can alert the rivals’ team members who wait for the right moment to strike on running. Try to run only when it is necessary, and ensure to take some cover whenever possible. Use silence as the primary tool most of the time, especially while hunting and killing. 

Also, do not neglect stimshots as they will help you navigate unfamiliar terrain. It can otherwise expose you to the enemy fire in the game. Stimshot also reduces the death rate and provides an opportunity for the coveted scorestreak to kick in. 


That is all! The above tips will help you survive through the competition and support some strikes in the Cold War multiplayer. The combined efforts will lead to a win in the future. The above tricks and enough practice will ensure to stand up against the enemies and end up in a win -win game. 


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