Be Aware: The 5 Most Common Workplace Accidents

Workplace Accidents

Every year there are around 2.7 million recorded cases of workplace injuries in the US. While this number is declining year upon year, there is still a long way to go regarding workplace injury. But do you know the most common incidents?

Once you are aware of them they can become easier to avoid. Read on as we discuss the most common workplace accidents.

  1. Slips and Trips

The most common injuries are caused by slips trips and falls. While these can occur seemingly innocently, they are usually linked to negligence on the part of someone.

Ice, wet floors and oil are areas that should be cleaned as quickly as possible. People may also slip and trip from ladders or scaffolding. Any unprotected areas and even poor lighting can be responsible.

Your employer should have this covered under workers compensation law. If any injury is affecting your ability to work or living standards, then you should pursue a claim.

  1. Vehicle-Related Accidents

Most businesses will use some sort of vehicle in their day-to-day running. When this is in a closed environment, such as a warehouse or construction site the chance of accidents becomes much higher.

To avoid these accidents, it helps to pinpoint where they will most commonly occur. If you have cross-sections in a warehouse or on a site, come up with a method for managing traffic. Make sure pedestrian walkways are marked separately from vehicle ones.

  1. Muscle Strain

Muscle strain can occur from repetition and may happen in seemingly safe environments, such as the office. They are often the result of a repetitive strain injury (RSI). They can also be caused by heavy lifting, carrying, throwing, and performing a task often without the correct breaks.

An employer should have training in place to prevent this, such as information on how to lift properly. They may also have equipment such as mechanical lifting gear or even specific office chairs.

  1. Fire and Explosions

These types of injuries are luckily not that common. However, they can cause the most damage. They may damage tissue, the lungs and cause scarring.

Your employers should have the correct hazard equipment and protective gear to safeguard you. They may also have standards in place for workplace protocol when dealing with flammables. Chemical accidents may also fall under this umbrella as they can cause burning to the skin and body.

  1. Struck by Equipment

When struck by equipment in a workplace, the consequences can be disastrous. Fingers can get lost or concussions and serious head injuries can occur. This may be a result of machinery, collapsing equipment, or bumping into unmarked and unseen objects.

Luckily many of these scenarios are avoidable with protective clothing and headwear. Always follow the safety policies put in place to avoid equipment accidents at work.

Avoiding Workplace Accidents

Despite your best intentions it may not be possible to avoid all workplace accidents. Many can be down to the negligence of others. If you feel this applies to you, always make an accident report in case you need it for compensation claims later.

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