What Are The Basic Things To Look For When Buying A Patio Table Cover

Are you planning to move the patio table to a shady area during the winter? Do you know how to protect the furniture from snow, strong winds, dirt and dust? Buying cover for the outdoor furniture can protect the temperature fluctuations and other unpredictable aspects of nature. However, the cover you need to buy must also include vents so that moisture can easily escape through it.

  • The sun’s rays can make the furniture polish fade and you may notice cracks in the wooden and wicker tables in the patio, so the cover you buy must have a coating to protect the tables and chairs from deterioration.
  • The cover you get must not only have universal sizes but needs to be available in different sizes and on top of that it should be made from high-strength material that stays wrapped around the table.
  • For places that need to endure wet climate during most parts of the year, a UV protection may not be essential; instead you need to look for fully waterproof materials to keep the patio furniture cover intact.
  • Mold and mildew may form on the furniture when the moisture content in the air is pretty high, so you need to check whether the cover comes with a wax-like coating to prevent water from seeping inside the cover.
  • The patio table cover you buy needs to be hard from outside and have a soft lining inside that protects the furniture from bad weather and good tear resistance.
  • As long as the furniture cover stays in its position you need not worry about rust or insect infestation.

Things to consider:

What are the basic factors you need to keep in mind when buying an outdoor table cover? With so many options for fabrics and the kinds of stitches, you have everything it takes to call the outdoor furniture cover more durable.

  • Size

One of the major aspects to consider when buying the outdoor table cover is its size. You can get covers in all kinds of sizes and styles, so it is necessary to check whether the cover you choose is a perfect fit for the patio table. Buying an ill-fitting cover may not serve the purpose of protecting the furniture from weathering.

  • Design

The design of a protective cover is not about the prints or colors present on it but the shape. Moreover, it includes the closure system. You need to verify the design and the closure system to make sure that the furniture cover is the perfect fit.

  • Fabric

The last thing you want in the outdoor table cover is choosing a wring fabric. Based on the climate of the area where you live, the fabric ay withstands the effect of weather. For instance, you must avoid buying a lightweight fabric for a windy place or a water-resistant material for a wet place. To make the fabric suitable for rainy and windy areas, you need to feel the fabric on both sides and make the final selection.

The patio furniture requires adequate protection from bad weather, so get the right one that meets your needs and suit your lifestyle.


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