Solo Levelling Season 2: Release Date, Plot and All The Latest Updates

Would there be Solo Levelling Season 2? Fans are very excited to see the second season of this series. It has been 2 months since the end of the season, but we might need to wait for little more for Season 2 to be aired.

Solo Levelling Season 2: Release Date

The show-makers have announced that because of the crisis of COVID-19, the production of the next season has been delayed.

Solo Levelling Season 2 release date has been pushed to Fall 2021. This is if the manga is adapted into anime this year.

Solo Levelling anime adaptation release date also depends upon the petition the fans have started.

It is reported that some of the fans were so concerned such that they made it upon themselves to go ahead and start a petition for another potential season. So far, the petition has reached 100,000 signatures of 150,000 that is needed.

The publishers are thinking of making an anime series, but so far, neither an anime has been announced nor it is into solid production.

We know that fans are a little disappointed but all we can say is the next season is worth waiting for.

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Solo Levelling Season 2: Plot


Solo Levelling, an anime adaptation of South Korean webcomics. Authored by Chu-Gong, the novel is available in English by the title ‘Only I Level Up’.

The series is loaded with dark fantasy, thriller and loads of action. The series became a rage overnight after it was dropped in 2019 and has been highly appreciated in the pop-culture era.

Apparently, it is only available in South Korean and English language, it has not been adapted in any other language. Its web version has been adapted by Jang Sung Rak.

The storyline portrays a world laced with deadly creatures and monsters. This world also has the existence of folks, portrayed as heroes, who have the power to fight with these creatures. They are known as predators.

Sung Jin-Woo is the protagonist of this story, with no abilities. He is, however, a very weak hunter with a very low rating of only ‘E’.

On one usual day, Jin-Woo and some other hunters get stuck in a dungeon. Only few were able to survive out of that.

Sung Jin-Woo who strived to survive, at last,  escapes and later discovered to found new powers. These powers help him to fight the mighty creatures of the world.

The first season of the franchise reveals many mystical facts.

Solo Levelling Season 2: The Expected Storyline

Solo Levelling Season 1 ends with Sung-Woo opening a mysterious door and unleashing a monster. There are high and bright chances that the second season would give more air time to Sung Jin-Woo. We will also get to know how Jin-Woo reached at the high rank of ‘S’ from his old degraded ranking of ‘E’.

Solo Levelling Season 2: Who will make a comeback?

The principal characters of the show Jo Byung-Gyu, and GoJoon-hee, will surely be seen in next season.

We all know Solo Levelling Season 2 would be all about Sung Jin-Woo, as he has more chances to destroy the enemy as a one-man army.

We will also witness Jin-Woo’s father and King Ant, who are defeated by Jin-Woo in the next season. We are definitely going to see more sides of their story.

Solo Levelling Season : Trailer Release?

There has been no official trailer of Solo Levelling Season 2 yet. With such a mysterious end to the first season, fans are avidly waiting for next season or even a trailer forsake.

Hopefully, the show-makers and producers will give us some good news in the days to come.

When do you think the Solo Levelling Season  would be dropped off? Let us know in the comment section below.


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