Crash Course: The #1 Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

Did you know that around 5,000 motorcyclists are killed per year in traffic accidents? While this number has been dropping every year, the simple truth is that motorcyclists are still overrepresented in traffic fatalities.

Do you ride and want to know the main cause of motorcycle accidents is? Then read on, as we’ll tell you that, and more!

The Main Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

So your burning question is probably this: what is the main cause of motorcycle accidents?

Here’s the answer: head-on collisions. In fact, these account for 56% of motorcycle accident deaths, which is a frighteningly high statistic.

In most cases, a car will hit the motorcycle from the front, which as you can imagine, can result in quite a severe impact. For most riders, this is a fatal accident, as they’re not protected by an outer metal frame like drivers are.

Other Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

You now know the main cause of motorcycle accidents, but what are the others?

The second most common accident involves cars making left-hand turns. Motorcyclists are struck when they try to either pass or overtake the car. They can also be hit if they’re going through an intersection and the driver isn’t aware of them.

Another common motorcycle accident involves the motorcycle lane splitting. This is because of several factors. Not only are cars and motorcycles in closer proximity than usual, but there’s also less space for riders to maneuver.

Also, lots of motorcycle accidents result from speeding and/or the use of alcohol. Unfortunately, just like with drivers, many motorcyclists aren’t responsible while on the road, which can result in many preventable accidents and deaths.

Lastly, crashes between motorcycles and fixed objects are pretty common as well. Surprisingly, many of these accidents result in death since the riders aren’t protected by an outer metal frame.

What You Should Do if You’re in a Motorcycle Accident

If you’re in a motorcycle accident that’s not your fault, you should find a good personal injury lawyer, such as this one on this site. They can help you put together a case and represent you in court to get you compensation.

You can then use this money for hospital visits, medications, and time off of work. It’ll allow you to focus more on healing and recovering, rather than worry about things like bills and rent. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can also take the stress of dealing with legal matters off your shoulders.

Ride Safe

Now you know the main cause of motorcycle accidents, as well as other top causes and what to do. Hopefully, you’ll ride safe and never need to take action. But if you do, make sure you find a top personal injury lawyer so you can get the compensation you need and deserve.

Did you enjoy learning about the cause of most motorcycle accidents? Then keep learning by browsing the rest of our blog!

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