How You Can Use Your Car to Save, Earn and Borrow Money

Having a vehicle that you own outright comes with any number of clear and obvious benefits. The ability to travel wherever and whenever you like, the convenience of being able to transport friends and family around and the satisfaction of being able to look after and show off your own car are three of the most commonly cited, but too few people realize and make use of a car’s money saving, earning and borrowing capabilities.

This short guide will look into these three possibilities.

Owning a Vehicle Outright


To own a vehicle outright means that you are the title holder, you are not renting the car, you have paid off any up-front or installment fees in full and you have complete control over what you do with your valuable asset.

Importantly, owning your vehicle outright means that you can use it for car sharing, fantastic for helping the environment and saving money on fuel, taking out certain types of loans and potentially even working in the private taxi industry.

Car Sharing

If you live and work in the same area as somebody you know, considering car sharing should be a priority. Taking only one vehicle on the same journey each day will not only save you and your friend, neighbor or colleague money on fuel, but it will also halve the emissions that you are producing between you, making it beneficial for your pocket and the environment.

Car sharing helps solve the issue of there being too many cars on the road while avoiding the usual inconvenience and occasional high prices of public transport.

Car Title Loans

If you are in need of a little extra money at short notice, your car can even be used to take out a car title loan.

With car title loans, found and organized at, the lender takes on the title of your vehicle while allowing you to continue driving around in it at your own will. The terms of these loans will differ depending on the value and condition of your vehicle, and usually does not depend on any form of credit score – though it is best to keep this in check anyway.

The title is returned to you as soon as your final repayment is made.


Something many people don’t realize is that you can become an Uber driver using your own vehicle. This is a fantastic option for those looking to earn money and secure a more long-term financial income.

So long as you are over 21 years of age, have relevant experience and can pass a handful of other Uber requirements, you should be able to start a new career using your own car. If you love your vehicle and spending time in it, this could be a fantastic opportunity.


In summary, the ownership of your own vehicle is a versatile and powerful device which can be used to get a new job, take out a specific type of loan and even help protect the environment. While leasing may get you a brand-new car every few years, little compares to the flexibility car ownership provides.


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