Steps to Run a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

The main goal of any lead generation campaign is simply to generate quality leads but lead generation campaigns are not as easy as they sound. One of the biggest pitfalls of lead generation campaigns can be the risky behavior of marketers and the worst part is they may not even realize it.

There are many companies out there that are totally dependent upon referrals and there is nothing wrong with it until you have no other lead generation campaign under your sleeves. But the good news is most of the companies have now started using a mix of both inbound and outbound marketing techniques for lead generation.

If you are still new to lead generation and want to be sure about the success of your lead generation campaign, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be discussing a step by step process of running a successful lead generation campaign for your firm.

But before moving on to the steps involved in a successful lead generation campaign, make sure that you are clear about some of the basic terminologies used in B2B sales lead generation like nurturing, conversion, hard offer, qualify leads, and much more.

Now, here are the steps involved in a successful B2B sales lead generation campaign.

Evaluate campaign objectives

A lead generation campaign can help you in achieving many things and that’s why on the basis of the outcomes that you are expecting in your campaign, you will have to choose and evaluate its objective. If you have no idea about the objective then you can start working around the number of leads you want to generate or revenue per lead in order to come up with a clear goal.

There are many objectives that are chosen by firms for their lead generation campaign and in order to be clear about it, you will have to answer the below-mentioned questions:

  • How will you reach your target audience?
  • Who belongs to the category of your target audience?
  • How will you follow-up with prospects?
  • Who will be assigned the task of following up?
  • When will you consider your campaign successful?
  • How will the results be reported?

Evaluate campaign target

This decision will totally depend upon the current list that you already have in your marketing department or you might have plans of targeting a completely new target group through your lead generation strategy. If you have no clear idea about the groups you are targeting, all your efforts will go astray. This is why this step in the lead generation campaign holds unique value.

By identifying the groups that you are targeting and by knowing the pain points of the leads that you have gathered, you will easily streamline your nurturing approach and get rid of the hassle of losing the valuable leads in the whole process.

Determine media

If you start exploring the media for lead generation, you will end up with a confused mindset since there are many options, just like in the case of B2B data providers. From guides and ebooks to email marketing, you will stumble upon many media for ideal lead generation. But one of the most important things that you should know here is all the firms that use the online platform for lead generation are more profitable than all other players in the same industry.

Therefore, choosing online media like a webinar or an email marketing campaign will prove to be an ideal medium for lead generation and for getting palpable results from your efforts.

Develop an offer

A lead is basically a prospect who is genuinely interested in your brand, product, service, or information that you have provided. So, if you are planning to identify these leads from the prospects that you have brought from B2B data providers then you will have to give an offer to all of them. You can offer a free download of an ebook or a guide, or a free session of a webinar. When any of the leads will respond to the offers, then all the information will be gathered by your marketers.

All these leads that will be picked out from your contact will be later used in the lead generation campaign and will be nurtured till they will finally be sales-ready. Developing an offer to distinguish between a non-qualify lead and a qualified lead is the best approach as it requires little effort but better results.

Create a communication strategy

This part mainly covers your follow-up process. Having a plan regarding what your reply will be to your leads, who will follow-up, what you will offer, and finally coming up with a blueprint of your follow-up strategy will be an ideal approach.

Without a proper communication strategy, you might spark the flame of interest among your leads related to your brand, product, or service but then again, you will not be able to move further in the process. Make sure to build a communication strategy that will add some value to the lives of the leads.

If you start covering all the aspects of a successful lead generation campaign built on B2B contact data might make your head spin and this is why, while building a lead generation campaign built on B2B contact data, make sure you understand your target market, narrow the lead and use an impeccable follow-up strategy. There are surely many things that can go wrong with a lead generation campaign but that will happen only if you do not go through the basics of a proper lead generation campaign. Use this blogpost as a guide to building an ideal lead generation campaign for your firm.


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