Shh! Don’t Share This Electric Side by Side Insider Secret

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The MudHawk 10 comes with a key fob that is one of a kind and can turn off the engine wirelessly. This gives the adult in charge of the ATV more power over it. The engine of the MudHawk 10 can be turned off with the push of a button, and the vehicle will stop on its own as it coasts to a stop. After the child has shown that they can fix their mistake on their own, the parent can use the remote start to start the car for the child.


If your young rider is starting to learn how to use the throttle, you can set the maximum speed on the MudHawk 10 to match his or her skill level with the throttle limiter. This is helpful if your young rider is figuring out how to use the throttle. Once they reach that point, you can choose to speed up the pace if they show they know enough.


The MudHawk 10 has a single disc brake in the back and two in the front. The stopping power is consistent and smooth over the whole range. When the rider wants to slow the vehicle down, the hydraulic braking systems have levers that are easy to pull and are made in a way that allows riders with small hands to use them. This makes the rider feel more sure of himself or herself.


Maintenance needs to be done on all the different sizes of units, not just the larger ones. For the best performance, the grease zerks on the MudHawk 10 are placed in areas that wear out quickly. If the access points are easy to use, it will be much easier to teach your younger rider how to take care of their motorcycle independently.


The wheels on the MudHawk 10 are 8 inches across. These wheels not only make riding more fun, but they also have great grip and performance on a wide range of surfaces.

Engine With an Electric Start

The air-cooled, SOHC, four-stroke engine is built to last and is meant to be used for many years in a fun and useful way. The reliable power plant can be started easily with electricity and comes with a unique key fob that can turn the engine off wirelessly. This gives parents a little less to worry about.

LED-Based Headlights for the Vehicle

On the MudHawk 10, style and safety don’t have to conflict. The stylish LED front running lights help other drivers and pedestrians see the MudHawk 10 when your young rider is out exploring your property and the surrounding area. Also, the rear brake lights are made of LEDs that are easy to see.

Front and rear composite racks

The MudHawk 10’s front and back racks are made of composite material, and each has studs that can be attached to tie-down straps to keep them in place. Your younger rider might put some things in their bag for a fun day exploring your land and carry them with them.


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