Code Geass season 3: Is It ever Coming? Release Date, Updates And Information 

Would fans able to see Code Geass season 3? Get all your updates with us.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion or simply Code Geass has witnessed two spectacular seasons. Released in 2006 by Sunrise Studios, the anime got massive popularity overnight as over a million users have experienced it.

After a two year hiatus, Code Geass season 2 saw its release in 2008 followed by two ‘’Original Video Animations’’ in 2009. Now, fans begin to speculate all the theories about the release of  CodeGeass season 3.

Although, it seems highly unlikely after such a long wait, will there be season 3? If it is true, who can we expect in the cast?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and find out!

Code Geass season 3: Background Plot from season 1 and season 2

Code Geass– Lelouch of the Rebellion is an anime manga series produced by Sunrise Studios. Goro Taniguchi is the main creative as well the directive mind behind this. Season 1 and 2 have won several accolades and paradise around the globe. Authored by Ichiro Okouchi, Code Geass deals with an alternate-anime history genre.

The anime plot revolves around the life of an outcast prince, Lelouch who was blessed with a mysterious power. His bestowed powers allow him to control others. Subsequently, he became the masked leader of a rebellion. Will he emerge as a victorious leader of the gang?

Code Geass season 2 ended on a sad note, thus a lot of questions need to be answered. Thus fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of Code Geass season 3.

Is Code Geass season 3 Related to the movie?

Sunrise studio has just launched a film called Lelouch of the Resurrection. Most of the confusion pertaining to Code Geassseason 3 stems from the movie released by the same name in  2019.

The film’s plot will serve as an alternative timeline, creating a new direction where the show’s main protagonist Lelouch was shown alive.

As the movie receives a warm reception from the fans, as there is speculation that another film from the same franchise has been in pipeline.

Seems like there would be no Code Geass season 3.

Code Geass season 3: Is There a Silver Lining for Season 3?

It would be over a decade since Code Geass ended. The producers have been tight-lipped all this while, leaving their fans in distress over the next installment arrival.

As of now, the Sunrise Studio management made no official announcement regarding the release of the third season. Thus, it is too early to say that it would arrive anytime soon.

Until then all we can do is wait for more updates about the third season

About Code Geass Season 1

The first series follows the story of LelouchLampeouge, Britannia’s former royalty as the main protagonist. One fine day, he finds himself in a crossfire between the rebel forces of Area 11 and Brittany’s oppressors. He got lucky to be able to escape from that.

He then encounters C.C, a green-haired woman who gave him King’s powers ‘’Geass’’. It let Lelouch make eye-contact with someone, thereby starts swallowing him. Realizing the immense power he posses, he continues his quest under Zero’s identity to take revenge with Brittani and her army.

About Code Geass Season 2

A year is gone by after the eventful Black Revolution. Zero went missing after the failed attempt to topple the British Empire. Area 11 is compromised after its leader Zero has gone, as they found themselves powerless against the battle with Brittania.

LelouchLampeouge, Zero’s real identity, is completely lost its memory of his role as a warrior. He was now living a peaceful life as a student with his loved one. C.C, her former partner, is not pleased with the things going around and decides to help Lelouch restore his memories, hoping to awaken warrior Zero.

Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates on Code Geass Season 3. Let us know your theories about the series in the comment box section.


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