Tips for Teaching Players to Hit off a Pitching Machine

Baseball is a game that people the world over enjoy, and professionals often start from their youth playing. Young children often start first playing Tee-Ball, but before they move on to full-on Baseball they play Coach Pitch Baseball.

In this game, the coaches either pitch by themselves or use a pitching machine to do it. However, this style of play can be initially difficult for young kids. But there are ways you can help then get trained in this regard.

If you want to get your young players prepared to play with a baseball pitching machine, here are some tips for you to teach your kids.

Start With the Right Mindset

Before hitting the diamond, your kids might find a machine pitch a little intimidating. Not to worry, you must get them prepared for this. They might be afraid of getting hit by the ball, getting stuck out, or being the cause for their team to lose.

Let them know that these are normal fears and it’s okay. They might happen, but it’s all a part of the game. It will take practice and determination but they will ultimately succeed and overcome these fears once they’re in the zone.

Cover All the Basics

Once the pep talk is done, it’s time to cover the basics once again. Their stance to how they hold their bat can affect their rhythm of playing with a baseball pitching machine.

As the coach who loads the machine, make sure you are mindful of how you insert the ball, the speed at which you insert it, as well as the frequency. Any disruptions in this process can adversely affect the batter.

If it’s too slow, it will cause the batter to break the rhythm. If it’s too fast, it will stunt their rhythm and break their concentration. So you want to make sure when practicing with the pitching machine that these are all tended to.

If they have any issues beyond this, you can fix the minor issues that may arise. You can check this article for reference.

Choose Your Pitching Machines

Once these are issues have been taken care of, you can choose the best machines for your practices.

It’s suggested that you start young kids off with softballs or wuffle balls before using baseballs in the pitching machine for the players and regularly having a machine pitch practice. This will help them get into the groove during game times.

Training on a Pitching Machine

A pitching machine might initially seem weird to your young players, but they will eventually overcome it and get into the rhythm of the game. Eventually, they will be able to graduate to full-fledged Baseball.

However, this progression starts with you as a coach. You must give them the courage to make it happen. Don’t let them lose sight of the dream of the MLB. Use these tips and they’ll be playing Baseball in no time.

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