All You Need to Know About ‘Dark’ Season 3 with Cast, Plot Release Date

Dark season 3 is official now! Few weeks ahead of the premiere of Dark season 2, it show-maker BaranboOdar announced that the third and final season of the hit franchise has been green flagged from the producers.

Stranger Things’ German doppelganger Dark because an overnight hit when Netflix dropped it in December 2017. Yeah! The series was virtually promoted and marketed by its fans as European Stranger Things – the disappearance of a child, a remote town, the 1980s vibe – but it was way more than that. This time-traveling series, the brainchild of German duo Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese is all about human relationships, the good vs evil saga, and the fate of the universe.

Dark season 2 arrived almost two years after the first franchise, and it was way bigger than before, became a surprise hit online due to its impeccable screen-writing and its layered suspense which requires further revealing. We all are dying to know where the heck is Jonas (Louis Hoffman) now what his sudden disappearance means. Here’s your guide to Dark seasons 3

Is Dark Season 3 happening for real?

The making of Dark season 3 got concluded in January 2020 this year, so yes its officially official that it is coming, and it would be the season finale. Yeah! Its the final part of this epic saga.

When will Dark season 3 be released?

When Odar announced that season three is official, he also revealed that it would be sometime in 2020. Dark season 1 aired in December 2017, second season dropped a year and a half later, in June 2019 – Dark season 3’s filming wrapped in January this year. It is going to be aired on June 27th 2020. We all are patiently waiting for Dark season 3 trailer.

Dark Season 3: Cast

It’s a multi-layered cast, and here are the most visible ones from the Dark franchise:

  • Karoline Eichhorn as (middle-aged) Charlotte Doppler
  • Louis Hofmann as (young) Jonas Kahnwald
  • Andreas Pietschmann as (middle-aged) Jonas Kahnwald
  • JordisTriebel as (middle-aged) Katharina Neilsen
  • Oliver Masucci Ulrich Neilsen
  • Lisa Vicari as Young Martha Nielsen
  • Maja Schone as (middle-aged) Hannah Kahnwald
  • Mark Waschke as (old) Noah
  • Peter Benedict as (middle-aged) Aleksander Tiedemann
  • Béla Gabor Lenz as (young) Aleksander Tiedemann
  • Max Schimmelpfennig as (middle-aged) Noah

They all presumably be getting their fare-share of screen time in Dark season 3, as the whole cast to return. The plot will reveal their traces of origin, also the missing characters if the course of events appears as per the timeline.

Dark season 3: Plot

There has been no official revelation as the storytellers are keeping their cards on the chest about the whole plot. Yes, Dark season 2 was a cliff-hanger with young Martha who belonged to a parallel world that has taken away Jonas.

We might witness the origination of all characters, and possibly an insight into Martha’s life, where she belongs to as in the present world she is dead. Dark season 3 probably going to answer all the explanations we were begging for, since the arrival of the first season.

Dark season 3 – What will happen now?

So far, we discovered that Aleksander’s real identity is Boris Niewald. He adopts his wife;’s last name, when he married into the Tiedemann family, thus look after their nuclear plant, which is reportedly the root cause of all the glitches in the matrix.

Dark season 3 may reveal where this man came from, what were his real motives and who he was running away from when he first me Regina.

In addition, we will also see more of Peter Doppler and Regina Tiedemann, who was shown safe in the bunker when the apocalypse hit. In Dark season 3, we also got to know more about Inspector Clausen, as his missing brother’s theory is not fully explained.

What would be the fate of Adam, who we all know as Jonas now? Remember, his scar face after prolong explore to radiation and exhaustingly time-travel. He got emotionally hard after killing Martha, the love of his life. Will, he able to break the cycle? Would he be able to stop the apocalypse in the Dark season 3?

These questions will not let us sleep!


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