Vital Tips And Advice to Avoid Dental Issues During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The WHO has declared the Covid-19 virus to be a pandemic. The world Health organization has recommended many guidelines. According to the guidelines, all dental professionals should follow some preventive measures to minimize transmission through contact and dental checkup and other procedures. Due to this recommendation, almost all dental clinics are in our country now closed. As a result, thousands of people are not able to access urgent dental services.

Advice to Avoid Dental Issues During The Covid-19 Pandemic


Dental treatment: the current scenario during the lockdown

To maintain social distancing, all routine dental care has stopped all over the world. All the dentists were told to stop providing dental treatment and services to reduce the coronavirus outbreak.

Patients with emergency dental problems were told to report to hospitals for urgent dental care hubs all over the world. However, there the people with dental urgent symptoms will get services like fractured teeth, post-extraction bleeding, and facial swelling or soft tissue infections.

However, unfortunately, patients are struggling to get access to any local dental service. They are not getting any dental assistance for any sudden dental pain or other issues.

Thus, it is very important to take care of your mouth health sincerely so that you can avoid any urgent dental issues during this lockdown scenario due to to Covid-19 spread.

Tips to avoid dental emergencies during this lockdown

During this home quarantine period, people are engaged in working from home, reading books, exercising, cooking, reading storybooks and fitness magazines, reading health-related online news, cooking, and eating. It is true that most people try to ensure their good health, but they often tend to ignore mouth health.

But, remember, dental issues can be very problematic for your overall health. And, any dental issue can create intense pain. Thus, during this COVID-19 period, you have to be very careful about your dental health.

Here are some tips to follow to avoid any dental emergencies.

  1. Take proper care of your teeth if you have a severe toothache. Don’t ignore your gum issue if you have a history of severe toothache or other gum issues. It can aggravate any time and can be painful for you. Also, people who are undergoing toothache during this time should follow some regime to avoid the pain: here you go:
  2. You should rinse your mouth with warm saline water twice a day. If the pain and swelling persist, then apply cold compresses.
  3. Using clove oil or clove infused water can relieve toothache. Soak cotton with clove oil and place the pain is intense. You can also gargle with warm water infused with powdered cloves.
  4. You can also use Peppermint Tea for a numbing effect to get rid of the pain in the gum area. Take 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves, put in a cup of water and boil for 20 minutes. Swish it around in your mouth when the water cools down. Peppermint oil has the same benefit. You can use the peppermint oil just like a clove to relieve the toothache.
  5. If you have acute pain, you should use OTC medications such as Acetaminophen or diclofenac.
  6. You can also rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide. It helps to kill bacteria and relieve pain. Make sure you use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for rinsing. Spit the solution out and then rinse the mouth with plain water.
  7. If some of your teeth are broken and fallen, then you should take extra care of those teeth. You should keep the broken piece safely with you so that your dentist will bond the broken piece back to your teeth later.
  8. Carefully pick the tooth once it is broken. Do not touch the root, and do not scrub the tooth.
  9. Rinse the tooth and reinsert the tooth in the socket. To reinsert, you need to place the tooth in a small container dipped in milk. Call your dentist as soon as possible to increase the chances of saving your tooth.

Tips to maintain good oral hygiene during Covid-19 pandemic

Since there is no dental clinic open for dental treatments, you need to be very cautious when it comes to taking care of your mouth’s health.

Here are some tips to maintain oral hygiene so that you don’t need to visit a dentist on an emergency basis.

  •       Brush your teeth twice a day

Brushing twice is very important to remove the layer of plaque deposits in the gum line.

  •       Use Fluoride Toothpaste to avoid plaque

Plaque contains bacteria, which can lead to tooth decay and gum problems. Fluoride helps to keep your teeth strong and avoid bacteria and plaque growth.

  •       Brush properly

Brushing properly is important to keep the teeth clean. Thus, you have to brush for 2- 3 minutes. Move the toothbrush in gentle and circular motions to remove plaque.

  •       Floss your teeth daily to remove the food particles

If most of the teeth are broken and you have gum pockets, then you have to floss properly. Otherwise, food particles or other debris get stuck alongside the tooth and can lead to pain. Flossing helps to clean in-between the teeth. If you don’t floss, the food debris gets stuck and it leads to bacteria growth. Within a few days, you’re at risk for major dental issues like gingivitis and cavities.

  •       Don’t use a toothpick

If any food gets stuck in between your teeth, use floss to remove Avoid using a sharp object like a toothpick in your mouth as it may aggravate your pain or lead to dangerous injury.

  •       To clean gum pockets, use an interdental brush

If you have gum pockets that tend to catch food particles, then you have to use an interdental brush in between your gum line to remove the food debris and clean the gum pocket.

  •       Limit sugary and acidic food consumption

Sugary food aggravates the bacteria froth in the mouth. So, try to avoid sugar intake to keep your teeth safe. You should also avoid acidic drinks or food as it can damage the teeth and aggravate tooth decay.

  •       Avoid sticky foods as much as possible

Kids and babies are also at dental risk if not properly taken care of. Ask them to avoid “sticky foods,” hard candies, and lollipops as these are linked to tooth decay.

  •       Intake enough water

You should intake enough water as water helps you keep your mouth clean and produce saliva that cleans plaque. It also helps to fight dry mouth and mouth odor.

When to call a dentist?

You should call your dentist if you feel you can’t get rid of the pain or discomfort using those above tips.

Here you go:

Schedule an online consultation to see if toothache increases

If toothache gets increased, you may have to schedule an online consultation with your dentist. Your dentist can prescribe you a potential painkiller and antibiotic for our help.

Call your doctor in case any emergency comes

If a large piece, your tooth may be broken and you bleed because of the exposed dental pulp, then call your dentist immediately. You may have to undergo an emergency root canal treatment. If the tooth is broken because of an injury, use cold compresses and visit our dentist or a hospital for emergency treatment.

Lastly, this pandemic has created an unprecedented time for all. People all over the world are quarantined. Since the Covid-19 virus spreads rapidly, we have to maintain this lockdown for our own sake.

Thus, it is very important to take proper care of our health including mouth health especially at this time when regular services are not running properly. Taking care of our physical health, mental health, dental health is important, to come back to a normal life routine once the pandemic goes over.


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