Will George Martin Be Able to Publish The Winds of Winter by July 2020?

American author George RR Martin plan the sixth level of Winds of Winter.

Game of Thrones fans wait to get their hands on George R. R. Martin’s The Winds of Winter.

The book delayed for a very long time. But the acclaimed author has recently teased about a possible new release date.

HBO’s Game of Thrones ended earlier this year. And the studio is busy with the prequel to Game of Thrones titled Bloodmoon.

Millions of readers want to know how George RR Martin took the story forward which received negative reviews on all fronts.

The making of Nine Years

While reassuring, it is best to lower our expectations for the time. Since the award-winning author had previously failed to deliver on his previous promise.

To keep an eye on the late The Winds of Winter, that he Publish A Dance with Dragons in July 2011. That was almost nine years ago.

Since then, Millions of fans urging Martin to finish the sixth entry. This program has reached next level heights after the TV adaptation failed to survive the hype. Hopefully, the conclusion of the book will do the series justice. And it’s Provide a more satisfying conclusion than what our series has delivered.

Winds of Winter report in Bussines Times

The 70-year-old Martin is optimistic that the story will finally publish in July 2020.

And he asked that he don’t know which story is more embarrassing. Also, the book says, this was over now. He sat on it because of bad work,

Or he said that he doesn’t have any page. ”

Main View-Point Character of The Winds of Winter

Martin confirms that The Winds of Winter has a point-of-view chapter with the following characters:

Sansa Stark:

A Dance with Dragons removes a chapter in June 2010. And as a sample chapter titled Allen appeared on Martin’s website in April 2015.

Arya Stark:

Also, A Dance with Dragons out a chapter in June 2010. And as a sample chapter titled March appeared on Martin’s website in March 2014.

Ariane Martel:

A Dance with Dragons’s deletes two chapters in June 2010. One Sample chapter was published on Martin’s website in January 2013 and read on the Harbor Front.

Aaron Grazoy:

In July 2010, a chapter was removed from A Dance with Dragons. A chapter’s title Forsaken was read in the Baltic in May 2016.

In 2011 or earlier, He writes this book. But there was no confirmation that the chapter was removed from A Dance With Dragon removed.

Theon Greyjoy:

A sample chapter was published on Martin’s website in December 2011
Victorian Grays: Excerpts from Chapter One first appeared in the TIFF Bell Lightbox in March 2012.

Tyrion Lannister:

One chapter publishes in Eastercon in April 2012. And second is in Worldcon in August 2013. The second of which have published on the official iOS app on March 20, 2014.

In addition, Martin confirms that there is no new vision character for The Winds of Winter. Martin could not describe in detail. Also, she teased at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con that Rob Stark’s widow, Jean Westerling, would appear in the prologue chapter, but did not reveal who the character would be.


What will happen in the next book?

it is to be hoped that the winter will be different from what was seen on The Winds show. For example, Lady Stark is still alive in the books after Berrick Dondarian blessed her Lord of the Lords.

The bad news is that following the events at the Red Wedding, Caitlin becomes evil. Instead of taking revenge for punishing those responsible for Rob Stark’s death, the infatuated caregiver’s mother show viewers have fallen in love with one and even hanged Pod and Bryan at the end of Dragon With Dragon.

This book is use widely in Euron Greyjoy as well. Where the show portrays him as a lustful pirate, he is quite powerful in the source material as a source of Valerian steel plates, magic, and his use with a few priests and warships.


So guys, Due to the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus, George R. R. Martin has confirmed that Jean Cocteau’s movies and Beastly books will be very close.

However, he added that he paid his employees during the lockdown period.

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