The Top 5 Absolute Best Golf Courses to Play on in 2020

Playing golf isn’t just about fun. It can be a great excuse to travel the world, enjoy awesome scenery, and tackle new challenges to refine your skills.

If you think that all golf courses are more or less the same, then we are about to show you the total opposite.

Read on to find out our pick of the five most amazing places in the world where you can practice golf.

Best Golf Courses
Best Golf Courses
  1. The One With the Breathtaking Views

Ever played golf and, in between shots, stopped to look around and take in the scenery? Well, if you would like to repeat that experience again, you should definitely try Manele Golf Course.

Located in Hawaii, its incredible scenery, ocean views, and quietness (you can play all 18 holes without ever bumping into another person) are sure to leave you astounded.

  1. The Ultra-Challenging One

If golfing in Scotland only gets you thinking of Trump Golf, then think again. This country is full of beautiful golf courses, as well as one of the most difficult in the world: Carnoustie.

Set on a wild, wind-swept coastline, Carnoustie is home to plenty of hidden pot bunkers, and its incredibly tough layout is said to have brought a losing Sergio Garcia to tears during the 1999 Open Championship.

  1. The Best Kept Secret

While you’re in the United Kingdom, it’s worth checking out a true hidden gem: Tadmarton Heath.

A tranquil yet rather challenging course, it is set in the gorgeous Cotswolds, not far from Oxford and less than a two-hour drive from London. Affectionately nicknamed “Taddy”, this course offers the perfect playing condition for both summer and winter.

  1. The Most Remote One

If the peaceful and secluded English countryside is still not enough, and you want to maximize your sense of privacy, then head to Norway and try Lofoten Links. Situated around 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, getting there is a mission in and of itself.

As if this wasn’t enough, how about a chance to witness the world-famous Northern Lights in between holes? At Lofoten Links, you can.

  1. The One With the Celebs

If you are into a different kind of fame, then why not book a tee at the Mirimichi Golf Club, in Tennessee? Bought and owned by golf-mad Justin Timberlake, you might even be lucky enough to spot him or some of his famous friends.

Timberlake is not only a singer and a golf fanatic, but he also loves baseball and football. If you’re a sports addict like him, check out these great sports events.

Golf Courses for Everyone

The choice is virtually limitless when it comes to choosing which golf courses to play. Our selection of the top golf courses is just a taste. Which one will you be going for?

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