How to Make Every Employee Feel Important

Creating a skilled, motivated team takes work, and that work includes making each employee feel important. You don’t want your staff to show up to their job each day feeling like a small piece of a large puzzle. It’s easy to become engrossed in your own work and neglect how your employees feel, but it’s vital to take the time to ensure that they all feel valued. Here are some ways to make every employee feel important.

Make Every Employee Feel Important
Make Every Employee Feel Important

Allow Development 

It is human nature to want to strive towards a goal. Don’t assume that your workers are happy performing the same tasks each day, especially if they have conveyed that they believe they are capable of more. Encourage development within your team, and show them that you are on board with them developing their skills. Bringing up extra training will show them that you want them to grow just as much as they want to, and it will allow them to thrive as best they can. After all, you want your team to bring their best talents forward!

Offer Rewards

Employees can feel disregarded if their work goes unnoticed, and it is your job to encourage them to carry on working hard. A great way of doing this is to offer rewards to the highest performers. If your employees feel like their work is seen, then they will be more likely to carry on performing to the best of their ability. Try incentives such as bonuses or even a voucher for them to enjoy, and they will appreciate the acknowledgment of their hard work. offers a software solution to the running of payroll which includes taking care of bonuses, so you can seamlessly integrate rewards without too much hassle.

Listen Well

A part of feeling important is feeling heard. If your employees come to you with something, you must make it your job to listen intently! No matter how frivolous of an issue it is, make sure they know they are heard and that you are there to make their working life easier. Don’t disregard anything you see as small, as that will make them feel small. Sometimes, speaking to an open ear is enough to feel valued.

Create a Smooth-running Workplace

Employees feel more engaged and important in their work if they are working in a smooth-running workplace. Cultivate a positive environment by ensuring everybody is seen to equally. Consider investing in software that makes the daily running of the business much easier, and lets your workforce focus on the areas they are best at.

Be Flexible

At times, your employees will have other obligations in their life. If you have a dedicated employee who rarely takes time off, and they suddenly need flexibility, don’t shut them down – show them that you are willing to meet them half-way. After all, employees aren’t machines, and lives can often get in the way of work. You don’t want to lose out on a dedicated and reliable employee because you weren’t flexible in their time of need!

Focus on Health

Sometimes, your employee’s health will get in the way of their ability to work. Be understanding with this. Whether it is their mental or physical health affecting them, knowing that their employer is on their side can massively help reduce their stress, and they will be more likely to come back to work with a positive attitude.

Assign Tasks According to Talent 

It’s important to get to know your staff on an individual level as this will help you assign tasks according to their talents. This will show that you care about each of your employees, and the outcome will be that the workload is assigned to people who know exactly what they are doing.

Provide Balanced Feedback 

Giving feedback is about more than telling your workers they are doing well or that they need to improve. When you conduct performance reviews, try to be as specific as possible about their work performance. This will keep them in the know about where they should improve and where they are doing well. Avoid cliché buzzwords that can be assigned to any worker, and tell them exactly what it is you see them doing, and they will feel more important in their daily tasks.

Adhere to Company Policy 

This might go without saying, but adhering to company policy is vital to letting your employees know that you are in the same boat as them. By putting yourself on the same level, you show them that you are all under the same rules, and they are just as important as you.

Be Willing to Learn From Your Staff

Often, your staff will know more about a particular subject that you do. A great way to make them feel important is by acknowledging this and allowing them to teach you in areas you don’t know. Listen to them if they have ideas, and create a workplace that allows everybody to come forward with their knowledge on how to improve the business overall. Taking on too much work yourself will only stress you out and make your employees feel like they don’t have much value, so you must avoid that at all costs!

Don’t Underestimate Your Workforce 

Most importantly, you want your employees to know that they are appreciated, so don’t take all the hard work on yourself. Allow your employees to thrive where they are best by assigning them tasks that they can do to the best of their ability. If you are having difficulties within the business, trust that your workers can handle parts of it themselves without too much input. After all, you hired them for a reason, so you should trust that they can take on the tricky areas!

Making your employees feel important takes work, but it is a worthy process to ensure that they feel comfortable and valued in a positive workplace. By allowing them to thrive and do their job to help your business, not only does the company benefit, but they will, too.


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