The Benefits of Learning Golf: How Golf Can Reduce Stress

Did you know that 1 out of 3 US citizens older than six watched, played, or read about golf in 2019? Golf has one of the greatest reaches of any American sport—numbering into the 100s of millions.

Why is golf so popular? Because the benefits of learning golf are numerous and far outweigh the cost of getting started in the sport. Think better health, improved sleep, more time spent outdoors… and that’s just the beginning.

Read on if you’re curious about what learning golf can do for you or your family.

It’s a Great Way to Exercise

Golf is undeniably good exercise for almost anyone; it’s a sport, after all!

You’re on your feet for many hours and walk close to 5 miles in an 18-hole game—usually pushing or carrying a bag of clubs. You’ll need to navigate inclines and occasionally obstacles like sandpits and forested areas.

The act of golfing itself is also great for your body. Learn a golf swing like this, and you’ll improve strength in your core, arms, and legs.

Learn Golf and Spend Time Outside

Getting into the great outdoors is a healthy habit almost every culture reveres. Consider the Japanese concept of “forest bathing” or Scandinavia’s “friluftsliv”—open-air living.

You can guarantee you’ll be spending hours outdoors when golfing. And this is excellent for your overall health and wellbeing. Being out in nature can:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve your sleep
  • Provide you with a steady source of Vitamin D
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Banish brain fog
  • Build your immunity

Golf courses have little to no shade, so just remember to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays by wearing sunscreen, a hat, and protective clothing.

You Get to Socialize

One of the most coveted golf benefits is that the game makes you popular! A game of golf is much more fun when played with friends. And if you join a golf club or class, you’ll be able to meet all kinds of people who are as passionate about your new hobby as you are.

Play at Any Age

One of the often under-celebrated golfing benefits is the fact that anyone of practically any age can play a round. Since golf is a low-impact sport, it’s gentle on joints, bones, and muscles. You can also use mobility assistance like caddies or golf carts to help you get around the course.

Keeps Your Brain Active

Anything that challenges you cognitively can improve or maintain your brain function—and golf is one of those activities. Research suggests that those who play golf can expect to:

  • Improve their cognitive function
  • Attenuate poor health outcomes
  • Maintain their independence
  • Improve their quality of life

As the old saying goes, “Use it, or you’ll lose it!”

Benefits of Learning Golf Outweigh the Costs

Have these benefits of learning golf got you thinking about taking up the sport? If yes, don’t be put off thinking it’s a rich person’s game. Pick up a set of clubs secondhand from thrift stores or online shops like Facebook Marketplace and search for cheap yet cheerful public golf courses in your area.

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