Tennis Tips: How to Perfect Your Serve

Tennis TipsTennis is a very popular sport, with about 87 million people across the world that play tennis. It is one of the most-watched and widely accepted sport that anyone can play.

Although it may look like an easy-to-learn sport, there’s a lot of factors you need to practice and know. One of these factors is your serve.

Do you want to know how to make the perfect serve as a tennis player? Well then, read on to learn a few tennis tips!

Proper Racquet Grip

When approaching a proper tennis grip, you need to maintain a continental grip. How you hold your tennis racquet settles many things on the final serve method and its efficacy.

How do you make a continental grip? First, grip the tennis racquet like a hammer and hold it with the edge vertical to the ground.

Then, put your left index finger between the thumb and the index finger of your right hand next to the bone on the thumb. Be sure to check if your left index finger is pointing on the top-edge left on the handle.

Aside from your grip, you should also know some of the most common serves, like flat serve, slice serve, and kick serve. Want to learn the best serve? Check this guide to learn how to make a slice serve.

Correct Your Stance

In a tennis match, you serve the ball sideways across the contender’s service court. The right way to determine a serving position is to straighten your body in the direction of your serve. Both feet should be after the baseline, with the left foot pointing into the right net post and the right foot matching the baseline.

First Move

The first move is also one of the most vital components of a tennis serve. Unfortunately, all tennis players fail to turn their right shoulder to help in smooth, efficient serving.

To achieve a stable first move, your shoulder should turn a little at the start. Your tossing arm must be moving forward of the serving arm. Make sure your tossing arm is straight and ready to raise to unleash the ball.

Serving Motion

A tennis serving motion is your ability to generate the best racket head speed at every contact. Tennis serving typically involves an explosive move that’s only possible with correct techniques. So, what should you do to improve your serving motion?


A wind-up is an initial motion in serving, applying the swinging of the arms. The swing starts with elbows bent upwards, with the racket swayed to the back.

Then, straighten your arms and bring a snap to the wrist. A wind-up may not be vital for a service but will be necessary for many other strokes.


A contact in tennis indicates the moment when the ball touches the racket. Before contact, you must position your elbows and forearms upright. Then, the ball must come in contact at the midpoint of the tennis racket.


Pronation is one of the main aspects that separates an amateur and professional tennis player. It’s a technique of the spin of the wrist and arm that ensures the flat racket head gains more power and speed. Also, pronation will usually occur due to the forces caused by other body parts through the serve.

Tennis Tips You Need To Know

Now you know a few tricks that allow you to play better in a tennis match. Be sure to watch your grip, stance, movements, and serving motions when playing a game.

Want to be part of professional tennis matches in the future? Then, continue browsing through our articles for more tennis tips!



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