Let Your Creativity Come Alive With a Video Merger App

Video Merger App

Did you know that the average adult watched over 5 hours of video per day in 2020? With people staying home, the amount of time we consume our favorite shows has skyrocketed. Video has quickly become our dominant medium in the ways we entertain ourselves.

What about if you’re on the other side of the camera though? If you have always wanted to express yourself through video, now it’s easier than ever. With a video merger app, you could quickly learn how to create videos for your audience right from your smartphone.

Would you like to learn how you can start creating today? Read our guide below to begin your video journey.


Not everything you shoot will be to your liking. This is where you will cut or splice your clip to the spot you need. If there are a bunch of clips you don’t like, you can always cut them out too.

Clean up your clips to make the transitions of your story fit together nicely. This may take a bit of a trial and error approach, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be golden. Feel free to experiment with it and see what works best with your unique style.

Color Correction

When filming in various locations, the colors won’t match up perfectly. You will need to learn things like white balancing and color correction to get things right. Learning how to set up a shot with three-point lighting will do you wonders as well.

Some colors will feel warmer while some cooler. Adjust the color temperature to see the right mood across the board with your video merger app. Add a Color LUT to give your video a uniform look.


Transitions help keep the viewer interested. If you don’t make enough cuts, your audience may get bored and jump to another video. Keep them guessing and engaged when transitioning.

You could do a jump cut or a dissolve animation. The choices are endless, but sometimes less is more. The cleaner the edit the better in our opinion. Download a merge videos app to get started and learn how to merge two videos.

Add Images

Did you know you can even add images? This is a great way to break up the video in an interesting way. Images work in the same you add the videos.

Just add them to the timeline and you’ll be good to go. You can even include animations to create a sense of movement for the image.

Express Yourself With a Video Merger App

Get ready to express yourself with the video merger app we mentioned earlier. Video is such an interesting and unique art form. The possibilities are endless.

What kind of artist do you want to be? The choice is yours and you are always free to adopt a different style at the drop of a hat. Remember to have fun with it.

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