Treatment Options for Kidney Problems

If you have a kidney disease, it’s a good idea to research and be aware of your treatment options.  Keeping your options ready and being prepared in advance will not only help you live better, but it will also help you in coming to terms with your current situation. Knowing the right treatments will enable you to chart your own course and take charge of your care plans.

There are various treatment options for kidney disease. . Your first step is to hat you consult a nephrologist in dubai and weigh in on all the pros and cons of each treatment and find the best one that aligns well with each aspect. Some treatment options for kidney disease.


Hemodialysis is a process that takes care of your kidney functions partly. It removes harmful toxins and wastes from your blood, controls blood pressure, and balances essential nutrients and minerals in your blood. Hemodialysis entails filtering of your blood artificially via machines and putting it back in your body. To start the process of hemodialysis, you need to undergo a small surgical process to create vascular access for the needles used in transferring the blood. It takes place in dialysis centers which are widely available throughout the country. Most nephrologists in dubai have a center as part of their clinics to help their patients better. You can even opt for home hemodialysis wherein a technician will travel to your home to give you the treatment. Although a good option, it requires strict control over diet and intake of all kinds of fluids.

Peritoneal dialysis

Peritoneal dialysis is a process through which the inner lining of your stomach known as the peritoneum is used to filter out the toxins and wastes from your body. This treatment can be performed at home but will require a minor surgery before you start with the process. A catheter is placed in your belly by the doctor, which will permanently stay there, and each time you begin with the process of dialysis, you would need to fill it up with the dialysis solution. This dialysis solution will then rest in your stomach, clearing up all the waste and will be removed via the catheter into a draining bag after a particular amount of time. You can easily perform your day to day activities while the fluid is inside your system. This entire process is better known as an exchange, and an individual needs about four to five exchanges per day.

Kidney transplant

Kidney transplant is a process through which your kidneys are replaced with healthy kidneys of a donor. This process can be a strenuous one physically as well as financially; however, it can keep you healthier compared to dialysis. Now, since it is our body’s reaction to attack anything foreign, the doctor prescribes immunorepresents to help your body adjust to the new kidney. Generally, there is a waiting list in treatment centers for a kidney transplant, and you might have to wait your turn unless you have a living and willing donor. Kidney transplants are beneficial in the long term compared to dialysis, and you will have less dietary and physical restrictions, your body will be able to perform the function of waste removal better, and you will have a chance at living a longer life.

Now, that you all well versed with all your treatment options, all you need to do is connect with a nephrologist in dubai and discuss your way forward.


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