Questions To Ask Before Buying Instagram Followers

In this current age and time, people rely on the internet to do almost everything. And with this, entrepreneurs and business owners use this platform to market their business. The internet can help these business reach their maximum potential provided that they make use of the right channels and mediums, like where else but the popular social network sites. 

One of the most in demand and most used social network platform is Instagram. Instagram is where people not only meet and socialize but also establish their business. If you are one of those who depend their business luck on Instagram, it is best if you purchase Instagram followers. 

Actually, this is not a bad idea at all. This is actually a good first step in making sure you can penetrate the huge crowd the Instagram caters. By having a lot of followers, you can enjoy the fame in the industry you want to pursue.

But of course, just like to anything, things will start with questioning. It is imperative that you ask the right questions, not just to the company where you plan to purchase Instagram followers but to yourself as well. 

Questions To Ask The Company Where To Purchase Instagram Followers

followers on Instagram
followers on Instagram

So, what are the questions you must ask the company where you plan to purchase Instagram followers? Here are some of the things you must start with:

  • What are the available mode of payment you have?

Make sure that they have enough payment mode options. Of course, you do not want to use the method that you are actually not comfortable using. Choose a company that lets you enjoy many Instagram followers without the need of forcing you to use a payment method you avoid using online. 

This information is most if the time available on their website. Just in case it is not, you can call their customer service support team to ask. 

Apart from the payment method, you may also want to know if you can use your credit card an pay your bill on staggered basis. Although such service is not as expensive, being given a chance to pay in a small amount every month is a good idea. 

  • Do you have an available customer service support team? 

Most of the time, this information together with their physical address is available and accessible on their website. If they have a chat service, it is best if you try it on. Make sure that you will be able to speak with a person and not a robot. 

Buying Instagram followers is actually pretty straightforward. There is no rocket science behind the process, but needless to say, it is better if you have someone to call if you have problems, issues or inquiries to raise. 

You may also want to know the available window hours of their customer service team. Are they available to answer your call on your chosen time? There are some companies who have accessible customer service team 24/7, and considering them is highly recommended. 

  • What is my assurance that I will get what I need? 

This question can be a bit tricky since if you ask the company about it, you can get answers that you definitely want to hear. The best that you can do to answer this question is ask those who already tried their service or read reviews online. Although online reviews are not the most reliable, as some of them are only made for the purpose of advertising a specific company, reading them can still help you get ideas about how well the company provides service. You just have to make sure that you are reading reviews made by reputable personalities or best from people you personally know. 

Questions To Ask Yourself

Asking yourself is also necessary if you are planning to buy Instagram followers, some of the questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do I really need it?

To answer this question, yes you do. Even if your business is established you still need this kind of service or else, your business will be left behind by the new ones. 

  • Is this something my business can afford?

It is not free yet the return it can give your investment is more than hundreds of folds. Why would you not invest in a small amount if you know it can help your business succeed. 

  • What else do I need to do after acquiring their service

After getting their service, what else do you need to do? Of course, your marketing should not stop after you buy Instagram followers and likes, it should continue up to delivering the product and service to your customers. Do not be too complacent as buying this does not finish the ball game but only give it a good head start. Buying followers on Instagram can help you a lot when starting up and even when your business is established yet, you still have to do your part.   

Questions To Ask Previous And Current Customers Of The Company You Are Planning To Buy Instagram Followers

Once you have found a group or set of people who receive service from the company where you plan to buy followers on Instagram, asking them questions is also recommended. 

Some of the questions you need to ask them are:

  • Will you choose them again in case you need to buy Instagram followers? 

If they say yes, then that only means they are satisfied with what they have received from them, same goes the other way around. You may also want to add up, whether or not they will recommend the company to their family and friends. 

  • Did you face any issues from buying Instagram followers from them?

If they say no, you can proceed to your next question, if yes, you may want to know what type of issues they face and if they raised it to the company’s customer service. You may also want to know actions taken by their company, like providing a refund or finding an immediate solution to their complain. 

Consider answers that are objective and not subjective. 


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