How To Do An Effective Chemical Wash Cleaning For Your Aircon

Chemical cleaning is one of the best-swore methods to turn your old air conditioner working like brand new. When an air conditioner is chemically cleaned, the end results will be just as excellent as a comprehensive spring cleaning and air conditioner maintenance. This is because while completing a chemical wash, a skilled technician will also have to be able to identify if there are any air conditioning faults with your air conditioner.

Technicians are required to pump up and pump back the air conditioning refrigerant during a chemical wash to ensure the refrigerant is sufficient and at the proper level. Unless your system has leaks that cause the air refrigerant level to drop and your air conditioner to break down, you usually don’t need to top off the refrigerant. But if such a thing happened, leakage spots need to be plugged in immediately. There is no need to top up any more refrigerant once it has been sealed up and topped off with the appropriate amount unless there is another leak.

All of the parts from the air conditioner are disassembled piece by piece during a chemical wash. All the parts will be soaked in a chemical solution. Any defective components that require repair or replacement can usually be identified by an expert technician. They will also test the air conditioning unit and examine the controls and thermostats. Keep in mind that the cost of the chemical wash service does not include any costs for replacing or repairing any defective parts that are found during the chemical wash.

The fan coil needs to be removed, before disassembling each component of it separately for a complete chemical cleaning. Despite the time and effort involved, it is crucial to do this practice because this is a  proper approach to cleaning the fan coil. Cleaning the coil thoroughly could help to ensure that the air conditioner can operate efficiently after the chemical wash is done.

Why do you need to remove the fan coil before chemical cleaning?

Effective cleaning method

Following the best practices for the chemical, wash enables us to individually apply chemical cleaning to each of the soiled parts of your fan coil. Additionally, it makes it simple to apply chemicals to all the grime, grit, and debris lodged in the blower and between the evaporator coil’s fins. We can easily remove the dirt and oil with water once the chemical solution has cut through their layers. By washing each component of the fan coil separately, we can fully rinse away all of the chemicals that were utilized during the cleaning procedure.

As a result, we can make sure that every internal portion of the fan coil is extremely clean and free of any impurities. This entire procedure ensures that the fan coil is completely clean and free of debris. A thorough cleaning procedure is crucial since a clean fan coil can reduce the amount of energy used by the air conditioner. Additionally, it could also help to make the air conditioner produce fresher and healthier air for us to breathe in.

Check for defective components and parts

While doing the chemical cleaning, the technician will also have the chance to inspect for damaged or loose parts when disassembling and reassembling the fan coil components. When reassembling the fan coil, the air conditioning expert must make sure that all loose parts are tightened because they can make the air conditioner noisy. The air conditioning professional must also ensure that the air conditioner’s refrigerants are pumped back while simultaneously checking that the level of refrigerant is appropriate. An air conditioner that is overcharged or undercharged with refrigerant cant be performed effectively.

Safe for the technician

Removing the fan coil from the wall is also a safer procedure for the technician who provides the service. This is due to the fact that they do not need to climb the ladder and handle the chemical cleaning at the mounting height. It is important to do chemical cleaning safely because the majority of air conditioning chemical solutions used for cleaning it are alkaline base solutions that contain penetrants and surfactants, which can be dangerous for the skin and eyes.

An air conditioner should be in perfect working order after you are doing a chemical wash, you will definitely feel like you just bought a brand new aircon. A thorough chemical wash can assist to fix a variety of air conditioner issues and is extremely helpful in minimizing wear and tear and extending the lifespan of your air conditioner. Check out to read more about the benefit of chemical wash for your air conditioner.


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