How to Plan an Epic Staycation

In the wake of theCoronavirus pandemic, many are altering their travel plans. With countries amending their regulations and quarantine measures being implemented daily in response to new infections, planning a staycation is an ideal solution to your travel bug.

While autumn is rearing its head as we head further into August, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy the merits of a summer-ish holiday. Whether you plan a staycation in your hometown or within your own country, there are many ways that you can have a relaxing and fun time. Keep reading for some ideas.

Research Fun & Exciting Areas

You may think that you know everything there is to know about your city or country, but that probably isn’t the case. To get the most out from your holiday, establish what kind of vacation you want to have, and then research interesting areas to do that. Whether it’s a city break, a camping trip, a coastal stay, or a road trip, do your research and create a list of activities or sights to see so that you’re not just wandering around aimlessly.

Create a Staycation Budget

It could be tempting to skip the budget process if you’re staying closer to home. But while it might seem as though the trip will becheaper; it might not end up being that way. There could be a lot of hidden costs on travel, accommodation, attractions, or activities. It’s therefore sensible to create an average budget so that you can also splash out a few times while you’re on holiday. The last thing that you want is to run out of money a few days into your trip.

Load Up on Gear & Travel Supplies

Once you’ve set your budget, load up on any gear or travel supplies that you might need. As you’re staying closer to home, it might be a fun idea to spend a bit more on these items than you normally would. Spoiling yourself with a few extras might lessen the painful absence of that beach holiday you’d planned earlier in the year. Home Depot Coupons could go a long way as they have a wide range of suitcases, travel accessories, tents, outdoor gear, and more.

Enjoy Being a Tourist

Last but not least, enjoy being a tourist! A staycation can require a change in perspective as you enjoy the merits of being a tourist in your own city or country. Try to see it with fresh eyes and enjoy the fact that you can get away for a holiday, even if it’s not in a unique international destination. Travel abroad can always wait, and you’ll appreciate it more when you’re finally able to do it. In the meantime, enjoy being a tourist!

Holidaying at home needn’t be a disappointment. By planning it right and changing your perspective, you can have just as much fun exploring and relaxing in your home country as you would on the sandy beaches of somewhere across the pond.


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