How to sell your car online in India- Step by Step Guide

The Indian automobile market can be broadly divided into two categories – the market of first-hand cars and the market for used cars. The latter section is just as broad-based as the former. Traditionally used cars were sold to close acquaintances and friends through personal networks. In other cases, help from local mechanics and garages were taken to sell used cars. However, in the current times with the predominance of internet-driven platforms, you can sell cars online. These are the online platforms where you can easily sell used cars. These are user-friendly portals which can be easily navigated and used to project second-hand cars for sales.Nowonder the selling car online market increasing in India. Visit the percentage survey in 2020 and online vehicle purchasing behavior.

How to sell my car online – step by step process


Most of us are used to the idea of buying things online. We buy different things on different online portals like clothes, food, grocery, medicines, etc. However, when it comes to selling things over online portals, it tends to hover in unknown territory. Most of us are not aware of the step by step procedures to follow for making a successful sale of my used car. However, we must have a proper idea about the exact steps and the order in which they must be followed. It is only when we are knowledgeable about this aspect that we can get proper value for our used car and can sell it successfully. So in this discussion let us take a step by step guide of how to sell used cars online.

Physically check and service your carWhen you begin with the list of things that must be done while pondering on the topic ‘how to sell my car at Droom online?’ the very first thing that must be done is get your car a thorough physical check. This is the stage when the car must be cleaned and washed. All the smaller repairs and replacements must be done without any further delay.

Create a profile for your car giving all the details including the priceWhen you set down to sell car onlinethe very first step to be taken online (the second step in the whole process) is to create a profile of your car on the portal. In this, you must give all the details of the car like, its model name and number, the year of its make, the nature of fuel (diesel or petrol), its features, the number of kilometers it has already run and also the price that you expect out of the deal. Do not forget to give a picture of the car. Preferably give a picture of your car only without anyone else sharing the frame. This gives a professional look to your projection.

Get a proper inspection is done and lists the carWhen you decide to sell used cars onlineproper inspection documents must be exhibited on the portal. In this stage get hold of an eco technician so that a complete inspection of the car can be done. It is imperative that you attach the condition and the history report of the vehicle along with the profile of the car. This is a step that adds a lot of value and authentication to your projection. This is one of the features that will be very carefully read by probable customers. Experts believe that this state can improve the quality of your item project by ten times and also increases the chances of sales to a huge extent.

Arrange for a live auctionUsing the features of the online portals you can also arrange for a live auction of your vehicle. This auction can be controlled from anywhere and you can easily keep a strict vigil over the biddings that are m=being made by the probable buyers.

Keep documents readyTo sell your used car smoothly over an online portal be very sure to maintain all the required documents and papers of the car. This is highly imperative as the prospectus buyers will always like to take a look at them before closing the deal finally.

Select the highest bidder and settle the dealBased on the biddings and the offers made as the final step select the best bid and then close the deal.

This is one of the processes of selling used cars which is much in vogue in the current times. It is safe, easy, simple, and time and energy saving. No wonder several sellers of second-hand cars are using these online portals to sell their used cars.


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