How Long Will It Take Me To Get My CPR Certification Online?

CPR Certification

Being prepared with the necessary skills to offer life-saving intervention is priceless. CPR training is a form of essential life support that can help save someone’s life.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving method that keeps blood flowing in the body when a person’s heart stops working.

Fortunately, now you can become an expert in CPR through online courses such as MyCPR NOW.

CPR Certification

CPR certification is acquired after undergoing the necessary coursework, tests, and skill demonstration. A certificate helps you stay updated on the best techniques for providing CPR, different types of CPR for different situations, and the equipment needed. With this knowledge, you will effectively provide CPR in any trouble that may arise.

CPR training helps you save people’s lives until advanced life support arrives. It involves providing care to an individual in respiratory or cardiac arrest. The training consists in performing chest compressions and rescue breaths, which ensure blood flows through the body and sustains its normal functioning. Let’s look at how long it will take you to get CPR certification online.

Online CPR Certifications

You can train on CPR through physical classes or online. Online CPR certification is suitable for individuals who have full-time jobs or schoolwork and cannot attend physical classes. Online training gives students flexibility in studying time to easily integrate with their daily routine.

Another advantage of online courses is that you study at your pace without a fixed schedule to follow. The content delivered in online classes is similar to classroom training; thus, online students get equal knowledge as those attending physical classes. Moreover, online courses are less expensive.

Duration of Online CPR Certifications

Online CPR certifications are cost-effective, fast, and convenient. Depending on your learning speed or the exam type, it takes several hours. The training only takes 5 hours if you are not undertaking any assignments. However, some classes take more time because they have lessons to be completed.

An exam can take between 4 to 6 hours, and if you are slow or do not have enough time to spare, it can take seven days. You can complete such an exam during the weekends or when you are free from work. You can also opt for an online learning component, as well as a hands-on skill session with an instructor. This is one of the more time-intensive courses offered and can take up to a week to complete. In most cases, you will need to retake the exam in two years to maintain your certification.

Keep Honing Your Skills

You need to keep reading new literature and honing your skills as frequently as possible. Continuous improvement ensures that you have the latest information on trends, tools, best practices, and other relevant details that might affect your ability to help others during emergencies.

Get Your CPR Certification Today

Online CPR certification is a convenient way to get the certification needed to save lives. It will only take you a few hours and a week at most to get your certification. You will then be set with lifelong life-saving skills to help you with your career and prove very helpful in an emergency. The first aid training enhances your career opportunities, enables you to help family, friends, and colleagues during emergencies, and improves your mobility in the workplace.


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