A Quick Guide to an Office Hoteling System for Workstations



In the modern world, where remote work is a rising trend, office hoteling has been implemented to offer co-working efficiency and shared workspaces with optimized mobility, flexibility, and productivity.

Removing traditional office structures allows your employees to take a different approach while attending to their respective tasks. This professional office management trend will enable co-workers to set up teams within proximity of each other.

Office hoteling virtually eliminates the need for assigned workspaces rather than reserve office space depending on the nature of work.

To support a mobile workforce, it’s imperative to find an appropriate office hoteling software that seamlessly connects your team when in the office. Let’s take an in-depth look at how an office hoteling system can help businesses achieve their objectives.

1. Ease of Access/ Use

Employees can easily customize workspaces with a centralized office hotel management platform by claiming and reserving workspaces.

With the integration of the system, employees can reserve conference rooms and resources from their desktops and mobile gadgets. On the other hand, admins can manage workspaces and meeting rooms all from one platform.

2. Work Space Flexibility

Hotel desking provides a simple solution to limited office space. This is crucial if your company has more people than desks. This approach allows employees to work when and where ideal for them; thus, a company can save money by downsizing their office space while still providing workspaces for employees.

Companies with employees working from home can reconfigure the square footage and use open spaces for collaboration. This equates to less spending leading to more capital leftover.

3. Increasing Employee Efficiency at the Office

Imagine reporting to work and not knowing where you will be stationed or being uncertain if there is a space for you. Office hoteling helps employees locate and reserve rooms to settle in when they come to work quickly.

Moreso, the system can optimize workspaces by ensuring accurate utilization metrics, especially by identifying no-shows. This allows office managers to make informed decisions regarding square footage per employee, increase space utilization, and eliminate wasted space.

4. Promotes Employee Engagement and Productivity

Office hotelling encourages employees to work in communal areas. With the choice to work when they work best, employees can easily collaborate with teammates and find spaces to work together.

5. Easy to Implement

Employees can access the system from their personal computers and mobile devices, and minimal training on using the system is required. All they need to do is log in from wherever they are, be it at home, at the bus, or the beach, and book a workspace.

Seeking Office Hoteling System for Your Company?

Implementing office hoteling within a company allows employees to choose where and when they want to work. For companies, office hoteling can help them reduce their real estate footprint and create a more flexible and productive workforce.

Hopefully, the pointers listed above should provide you with a better understanding of office hoteling software so you can make a well-guided decision for your business.


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