HighschoolDxD Season 5: Release Date, Plot And Everything You Want To Know

Fans are delighted to know that HighschoolDxD Season 5 would be up for renewal.

HighschoolDxD is an anime TV series adaptation of the light novel of the same name authored by IchieiIshibumi.

The anime version of this manga is directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa.

After giving four smooth and decent adaptations of the manga version, the creators are looking forward to bring the charisma of HighschoolDxD.

HighschoolDxD Season 5: Release Date


The previous season delivered a sophisticated story and direction. Yet, neither the production nor the Miyama-Zero has revealed anything regarding the release date of the most anticipated installment of the series.

The production house assured that the upcoming installment is going to be the next level of the last season. Fans are expecting to witness the series by the end of 2020.

Besides that, HighschoolDxD Season 5 will release in Japan around June 2021 as for the rumors and speculation.

So far, there has been no update regarding the release date of the fifth season.

Passion Studio and The Sueda have not announced anything yet. There have been no updates HighschoolDxD Season 5 so far. And. we still expect there to be sometime before it airs.

Those of you, who will be waiting for it to be released in 2020 will be disappointed to know this, but it is what it is!

Coronavirus pandemic will have its effect on the Japanese anime industry as well.

From the report we got, we can safely assume that majority of the studio has halted the anime episodes’ voiceover as of now and might continue after the pandemic is over and under control

HighschoolDxD Season 5: Plot


The series glorifies the taste of the art of animation. The plot of HighschoolDxDis mainly based on IsseiHyodo, the main character of the anime.

In the previous seasons, it was shown that Ku Oh Academy, a high-school which was recently converted into a co-ed school is not a normal one. Rather, it is full of angels and demons who are admitted as students.

The main character Hyodo was in a second year and on his first day of the school he was asked for a date for which agreed.

As he went for a date with Yuma Mano, she revealed her identity as a fallen angel named Rainer to him and asked him to die for her.

The entire manga consists of 25 volumes of the well-written story. The fourth season is based on a 9 and 10 volumes of the saga. Similarly, the fifth installment will be based on the 11th and 12th volumes.

HighschoolDxD Season 5: Cast

Much of the characters will be reprised from the last season. The protagonist, IsseiHyodo, will be voiced by Yuki Kazi, AzimaAsakura by Rias Gremory, Kenji Nojima by YuutoKiba, AyenaTaketatsu by KonekoToujou and Shizuka It by AkenoHimejima.

HighschoolDxD Season 5: What Will Happen?

The story begins with the start of the Middle-Class Promotion Exam. When Issei, Akeno, and Kiba are about to prepare for the exam, Koneko continue to feel isolated from the group.

Koneko witnessed first hand the closeness of Issei and Rias.

The plot further revels as Azazel invites Ophis and the Khaos Brigade chief to the Hyoudou’s villa.

It could be a clever solution to the Season 3 issue, where the author attempted to put three light novels, and it failed miserably. Season 3 of the anime also diverted from the main plot,  and the series was not welcomed by the fans large-heartedly.

Now it’s all up to the Passione studio and its schedule to determine when to bring out the anime season 5 for their current and future productions.

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