Demon Slayer Season 2: Release Date, Movie Rumor, Cast, Plot, And All The Latest Update

Would there be Demon Slayer Season 2?

It has been almost 8 months since Demon Slayer commits its debut season’s final episode. The production studio Ufotable has been busy with other work, but fans are still asking when the  Demon Slayer Season 2 will debut. That’s why we are rounding up all our knowledge about the season in place to keep the Demon Slayer fans satiated until more news drops.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba arrived on the scene last year for anime fans to take in, and they came in droves. The series easily took the prize for being the biggest anime in 2019, which goes without much contest.

Demon Slayer Season 2: Release Date


The fantastical series has become much popular than anyone ever imagined, so it should be no surprise that fans are waiting for season two to drop.

But here the glitch! There has been no official word on the second season at this point. Demon Slayer cam, to a close in 2019, as its first installment closed with a surprise announcement. Most fans didn’t expect the show to announce a second season, but it shocked everyone with a movie announcement.

The next arc of the Demon Slayer will be handled on the big screen, so there is no word on when the second season would arrive.

Recently, the official twitter account for Demon Slayer revealed, the movie will release in Japan in the year 2020. The release date for the Demon Slayer Mugen Train would be aired in October 2020. More details, regarding the movie, will be out soon.

Demon Slayer Season 2: Rumor About Movie!

Despite there has been no word on a second season, fans are positive it will come to be. Demon Slayer has become one of Japan’s most popular series in print and television. There is a rumor that instead of producing a new season, the Ufotable is coming with the spin-off at the moment.

Meanwhile, The producer and show-makers are finding another way for Demon Slayer Season 2  to happen.

The good news is that there will be a movie releasing for Demon Slayer on October 18, 2020.

Demon Slayer season 2 will be covering the story as an attempt for spin-off by the show-makers, which will showcase the plot after the saga of burning train arc.

Here’s the real deal- it takes time to make an anime because the studio needs to focus on the story, the character designs, and then the animation. But there’s a catch, in this case. Studio Ufotable needn’t worry about the story or the character design.

It is because in n terms of story, the manga is already in its final arc and as for the character designs, all major characters getting included in the Demon Slayer movie are already animated.


All the characters from the first installment would be reprised in Demon Slayer season 2. This will include Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Yosuke Hashibira, and Genya Shinazugawa. There would be some new characters, but details are under wrap and not confirmed yet.


The manga revolves around the story of a young boy Tanjiro Kamado, who became a demon after his village was destroyed and the residents were slaughtered. Also, he has a named Nezuko, who is also turned into a demon. Mizan Kibutsuji is the main villain who killed kamado ‘s family. Mizan is a demon who walks on the surface of the earth.

In the next season, we will witness how Kamado will take down Mizan and what difficulties would be faced by him. Next season is also about how Tanjiro Kamado survives and handles his life after turning into a demon.

Demon Slayer Season 2: Trailer

Meanwhile, there has been no official announcement or release date for the Demon Slayer Season 2’s trailer.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates on the Demon Slayer.


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