Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release Date You Must Watch This

Cody-crime drama, Animal Kingdom is soon prepping up with its fifth season which is due to be aired on the TNT network. Developed by Jonathan Lisco, it is based on the 2010 Australian flick of the same name. Now available on Netflix, this multi-starred series nearly overnight became a surprise hit, reached over a million views in a short spur of time.

The Animal Kingdom series revolves around the 17 years old protagonist Joshua, who moved to his grandmother’s house after the sudden demise of his mother, where he discovered that the family’s matriarch heads a criminal gang. Joshua’s life took a turn when he involves himself with his criminal cousins.

When will Animal Kingdom Season 5 Release?

Animal Kingdom Season 5  was initially announced to be released in July 2019, but the production was reportedly halted until further notice. There has been no official announcement yet, but it is likely to be premiered by mid-2020. However, due to the pandemic outbreak, it is expected to release in late 2020.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: What lies ahead?

The larger question though to wonder is will Animal Kingdom Season 5  be the same as before without family’s matriarch Janine “Smurf” Cody, who was the central part of the story.

It doesn’t appear that Smurf’s story is done because it seems like there are plans to continue to include flashbacks which are still going to matter in some way.

The finale also gives us an indication that with Smurf gone, there could be presumably like a parade of guest stars because the threat of Smurf is all gone.

Beyond that, we would not be surprised if we see a lot more of Jake, Craig Cody’s father who we have got to know a little bit in the past, Craig doesn’t know anything about him. We might see Craig, getting an opportunity to know Jake a little bit more.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: How the cast will shape post-Smurf’s death?

Now that the family’s matriarch  Janine “Smurf” Cody is dead, the plot will take atwist. Animal Kingdom Season 5 might witness power among gang members, as per its newly released teaser.

Joshua in Animal Kingdom Season 5 might take a lot of business leadership from its crime business group. He would emerge as the person who could facilitate connections, build a relationship from the family’s behalf, make sure that they are able to get the criminal contracts. He would be good at doing this, if you remember, he was taught a lot by Smurf, when he was a teenager. But this is not going to be the J ruling over the family with an iron fist, unlike Smurf.

Andrew ‘Pope’ Cody of the Animal Kingdom Season 5 might have a power tussle with Joshua. Pope may or may not trust Joshua over the business ruling.

Meanwhile for Daren, he going to appear more like a well-rounded Cody family member in Animal Kingdom Season 5. The most heart-breaking was Daren and Adrienne’s relationship in all previous seasons.

This crime drama is surely binge-worthy and fun to watch as we will going to witness a lot of twists and turns in the plot.

We will keep posting about the latest news and updates about Animal Kingdom Season 5, stay tuned with us.


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