Actual Review of iFun Screen Recorder: Is It Really Worth Using?

You may need a screen recorder for your computer for a variety of reasons, right? Yes, iFun Screen Recorder can help you. So, if you are planning to get this screen recorder for Windows 10, be sure to go through this actual review article first because it will help you better understand the screen saver.

Let’s go and discover everything you need to know about the iFun Screen Recorder!

iFun Screen Recorder
iFun Screen Recorder

Overview of the iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder from IObit. This great software can capture anything on your Windows 10 screen without losing performance. With this screen recorder, you can record a game or create a guide in just 3 easy steps. The best thing about the iFun Screen Recorder is that it’s easy to use and free, and it comes with a built-in bright video editor.

With high-quality and extra special features, you get the experience of capturing the screen without lag, even while playing games. This online screen recorder can help you simultaneously record everything on the screen in HD resolution with high sound quality. Thanks to the internal video editor, which can help you edit your pre-recorded videos without any hassle.

What’s new? 

iFun Screen Recorder recently released a new and updated software version. So, let’s point out what’s new in this updated version!

  • Capture any selected area on the screen
  • Support recording sound from speakers and microphone
  • Add a webcam overlay to the video
  • Add a mouse click effect while shooting
  • Provide a convenient screenshot feature
  • No watermark and time limit for recording
  • Quickly share on YouTube, Instagram, etc. 
iFun Screen Recorder Overview
iFun Screen Recorder Overview

What makes iFun Screen Recorder better than others? 

Wondering what makes all this iFun Screen Recorder better than others? If so, we have found the answer for you!

  • Free screen recorder: It’s free to use with a 100% high-quality recording solution.
  • Replacement downloads: An unstable network environment or content restriction is no longer a problem with the iFun screen saver as it can replace inadequate downloads.
  • Save video: Capture an amazing video in 4k definition and save it later in your personal space.
  • Video editing: More than a recorder, it’s a hassle-free video editor that can completely edit recorded video.
  • Video transmission: Supports transmission of 17 main formats asynchronously and with each other.

iFun Screenshot

iFun Screenshot is a free, lightweight, but powerful screen capture tool. It helps you quickly take screenshots, easily add comments or highlight captured images, and share screenshots with popular independent platforms.

How to view records using iFun Screen Recorder? 

Well, using iFun Screen Recorder is easy and fast. You can easily capture screens in 3 easy steps that include:

Step 1: Set the priority you want.

Step 2: Capture the screen without any time limit.

Step 3: When you are finished, stop recording and editing, and then record the recording at the end.

That is all!! You successfully recorded your screen using iFun Screen Recorder in minutes.


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