5 Things to Know About the History of Golf


Are you a long-time lover of golf? Maybe you are just getting into the sport and want to know more. In any case, having some history of golf will help you understand and appreciate the sport in a new way.

The history of golf dates back several centuries and has some unique facts you probably didn’t know! Keep reading for five things to know about the history of golf.

  1. Golf Has Many Roots Around the World

Golf-like games came from many different parts of the world, from ancient Rome to 14th century Netherlands to even China’s Song dynasty!

With several cultures that have enjoyed the sport, golf’s modern-day success is no secret. Although, the closest link to modern-day golf comes from 13th century Scotland. In 1744 the ‘Articles and Laws of Playing Golf’ were released by the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers.

  1. The First Golf Played in America

Curious about the origins of golf in America? In 1743 a merchant from Charleston South Carolina received a shipment of golf balls and clubs from Scotland, and shortly after, the first game of golf in America was played.

Of course, during this time, they did not have manicured courses, holes, and tees. The game was played on an undeveloped pasture in Charleston. South Carolina.

  1. Golf Ball Materials

The Romans used golf balls made of tightly packed feathers wrapped in leather. As one can imagine, these were able to be hit very far. Later, as golf progressed in other cultures, wooden balls were made to play the sport.

Today, engineers make golf equipment with a high level of aerodynamics in mind. Golf balls today are a mix of a rubber interior and, hard plastic outer shell dimples on golf balls are also a more modern invention.

  1. The Oldest Golf Course in the World

Can you guess where the oldest golf course in the world is? It is The Old Course at St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. Many serious golfers dream of playing this course as it holds the oldest history of the sport in the world.

If you can’t make the pilgrimage yet to St. Andrews, be sure to check out golfday.us to find local courses near you. Or find golf courses to visit on your next vacation with friends or family!

  1. Where Did the Term ‘Golf’ Actually Come From?

The Dutch word for ‘club’ is ‘kolf.’ Therefore, historians believe through goods trading between The Netherlands and Scotland from the 14th to 17th century, the word ‘golf’ originated through accent and dialect differences.

The History of Golf

Having an appreciation and understanding for some of our favorite modern-day activities or hobbies can make us enjoy them even more, and the history of golf is no exception.

So next time you are out golfing, you may think about Julius Ceaser hitting a leather ball filled with feathers. Or you’ll dream about taking a trip to Scotland to see the modern-day origins of your favorite sport.

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