What Are the Common Health Benefits of Golf?

In 2020, there were approximately 24.8 million golfers in the U.S. This represented a two percent increase since 2019.

People love golf for many reasons. It’s physically challenging and mentally stimulating. However, did you know there are specific health benefits offered when you play golf?

It’s true. Keep reading to learn the specific health benefits of golf here.

Minimal Risk of Injury

Golf is a low-impact activity. This is because you are walking on a soft and gently rolling surface.

This means that everyone can get a nice workout by walking without a huge risk of injury regardless of age.

Improved Heart Health

Any type of physical activity helps improve the blood that pumps to your heart. Carrying your golf bag, swinging golf drivers, and walking from hole to hole all improve blood flow and increase your heart rate.

This, over time, will help reduce your risk of diabetes or stroke. You can also see positive effects if you are trying to reduce cholesterol levels or high blood pressure. The effects are enhanced further if you pair this with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Live Longer

Golfers have a death rate that is 40% less than non-golfers. If you golf regularly, you may increase your life expectancy by approximately five years.

Brain Stimulation

Walking daily helps to strengthen the memory circuits in your brain. Whether you go for a jog or walk the golf course, remaining physically active is a great way to keep your brain and heart-healthy.

When you remain active, you can feel confident your brain has a good, strong blood supply, which is necessary to help it function well now and down the road.

Improved Sleep

Fresh air and exercise can help improve your sleep significantly. Walking the golf course is going to give you a great workout.

When you exercise regularly, it will help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Sleep is necessary for your muscles to have time to rest and repair.

Stress Reduction

Walking in the fresh air, socializing with your friends, and the additional mental challenge of golf will release endorphins.

These are the natural chemicals in your brain known to enhance your mood. When they are released, they make you feel relaxed and happy.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Golf

Most people are completely unaware of all the health benefits of golf. However, these have a much bigger impact on your well-being than you may realize.

Considering that golf is appealing to people of all ages, it is a great way to “get out there,” get active and be healthier.

As you can see, golf may be a great option if you want a fun activity that is enjoyable and provides health benefits.

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