T-Shirt Design Tips: How to Avoid The 7 Most Common Mistakes

A T-shirt that is nicely designed will be loved by everyone. How can you design a perfect t-shirt? What changes can you make in the design of this outfit so that people can’t resist wearing it?

It is very easy to make a few perfect designs on the t-shirt. But there are some mistakes that can occur while designing it. To make a perfectly designed t-shirt these mistakes must be avoided.

Now I will tell you some tips for designing a t-shirt and avoiding the 7 most common mistakes.

Size of the t-shirt

While designing a t-shirt a lot of focus should be given on its size. Normally a standard size is preferred by a large number of customers. Depending on the garment’s properties and its design’s nature we can decide its size. We have to think a lot before printing it out. The t-shirt can be looking larger than the normal size if we consider its design’s shape. For example, the t-shirt will look better if we put smaller circular shapes in it but not bigger.

It will be a very good idea if before designing a t-shirt the customers take a sheet of paper and put the designs on it. The design can be a costume of a superhero. Here is one more thing to notice that for young people and ladies the size of the printed t-shirt must be smaller.

Also, if the area for printing is limited how can we put several styles on the t-shirt?

The design can be made or broken if we do not consider the size. Your selection of this outfit should not be from the final piece that has remained in the drawer but from a laundry that is fresh.

Where print should be placed?

You have to take suitable measures to select a location on the t-shirt where the design needs to be printed. If the design is printed within the location then it will look very good but if it is placed out of the location then the complete design will be ruined. If you are printing the design near the belly then it will not give you a good look.

If full back or full front are selected as a location for printing the design then you should also look if the design is placed perfectly.

Correct usage of fonts and typography

The written word’s visual part is typography. A level of typography is involved in displaying or printing a text. The spacing of the line and spacing of the letter should be right so that the typefaces can give a good impression while doing typography. The design of your t-shirt depends a lot on the choice of the font. It can reflect certain emotions and ideas. Let us assume that your family is going to reunite again and you have to wear a t-shirt on that occasion then if you use typeface “Superman” on it then it will not be a good idea. So, you should not use “comic sans” normally.

We can use some fonts of standard type in any situation on the t-shirt. While designing a t-shirt the number of typefaces can be 3 or less than 3.

While using the elements the composition should be very good

The complete composition of the design can be made if there is a relation between the elements and these elements are placed in a perfect manner. It is always present in your mind for selecting the best composition for your design. For further improvement in composition, you can search the internet and find the best one. If the elements are grouped together or if there is a lot of space between the elements, then both the conditions are not good. There must be a good balance between the elements for a good design. Good composition requires an investment of effort and time on some elements.

Quality of the image should be very good

A big problem is that sometimes the resolution is very low in images. The quality of printing can be very poor if the information about pixels is not enough. You will normally find 72 dpi images if you are searching for these. But for full size these must be of 200 dpi and you should print only these.

In some cases, the artifacts are not visible to you if the images are compressed so much.

The quality will remain in the image and it has nothing to do with the resolution if we use a vector file. Because of this reason these files are mostly preferred. SVG, AI, EPS and PDF are its types.

If you take an image from a smartphone then it can be full of graininess, awkward cropping and blurriness.

The resolution can be high if you scan the photograph.

Choice of the color should be good

For good screen printing and better design, your choice of colors should be good. The cost per item can be increased if you use more colors. For reducing the cost per item some more t-shirts must be purchased by you. You can save a lot by spending some extra money.

A combination of colors in the form of small dots can make you feel that there are so many colors present. We call this method of working as halftones. It can be used in screen printing.

The full color is printed on the t-shirt if we use directly to garment method for making a print on the t-shirt.

Your t-shirt will not look good if you have used a lot of colors in it.

Use the right contrast with the color

It is basically how various color shades play with each other. A black-on-white contrast is always the strongest. If the background is neutral then the contrast can be increased if we use saturated colors with a nice image.

But your aim should not be to get the highest contrast. If we get a print of low contrast then it is liked by so many people.

You can customize a t-shirt and get your design on it by using software known as t-shirt design software. Adobe Illustrator is an example of this type of software.


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