5 Product Photography Tips to Launch Your Product Like a Boss

Product photography, if done right, speaks more than a thousand words. According to a survey conducted by a popular online shopping website, 51% of Americans love to shop online.

In order to make the most out of these online shoppers, you need to have an eye-catchy photo of the products, and ensure to instill confidence in the user about your offerings.

However, the product photography is not as easy as it looks. It does not mean only pointing and shooting. Product photography takes a lot of effort like the right amount of lighting, the right equipment, and the proper place to shoot. If you are a new store owner who is not able to shoot the right images, then it is suggested to outsource the work to the product photography services provider.

However, if you are planning to do it yourself, then here are a few photography tips:

  • Use a Smartphone Camera

If you have a smartphone camera that can take the night shots and low-light shots perfectly, then you can go ahead and shoot the photos for your products. However, few products cannot be shot with a traditional phone camera.

The details of the product matter when you are placing the featured image of the product on your store. So, make sure to shoot the product images with at most care, as it decides the conversion rate of your store.

Some of the best phones that can shoot the product images with clear details are iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S10, etc. Never shoot product images with cameras less than 4 Megapixels as it does not provide great details of the product in the images.

  • Shoot From Tripod for Consistency in Images

It is not recommended to use phones on a sturdy surface as it can slip easily and cause inconsistency in the product shoot. If you are using your camera on a pile of books, make sure that it does not get disturbed over the course of the shoot. In case if there is any disturbance while capturing the photos for your product, it can lead to a bad impression in the eyes of the buyer and hence affects the conversion rate for the product.

This case works only when you have a limited number of products on your store. But, as the number of products increases, you need to have the proper equipment to shoot the images.

However, if you feel it too difficult to handle the task, you can outsource it to a person who offers reasonable product photography pricing.

  • Natural vs Artificial Lighting

Product photography can be done very well under different lighting conditions. Buyers love to purchase the products based on the look and feel you provide in the photography.

A right lighting condition can help in the critical decision making of the product purchase. So, make sure not to miss a single chance in providing the best details to the buyer.

Here are two main lighting conditions which should be taken care of:

  • Natural Light

Natural light refers to sunlight in outdoor conditions. Sunlight is often considered soft light than a lamp shining on the product. Most of the eCommerce store owners prefer taking the product shoots in natural light conditions, as it has proven to have more impact on the conversion rate than the products shot under dim lights.

This comes in handy if:

  1. The product needs to be used outdoors.
  2. The product needs clear visibility of the person during the shoot.
  3. You focus on product surroundings than the other attributes of the product.
  • Artificial Light

Any light that is unnatural and is only restricted to indoors referred to as artificial light. Artificial lights tend to produce more focussed light, which helps in enhancing the details of the product.

If you want every detail of the product to be clearly seen by the online shopper, you have to shoot them under artificial lighting conditions.

However, one is recommended to use only one type of lighting condition for every product. Having both the lighting conditions for one product can cause confusion among online shoppers.

In case you have opted for product photography services, the studio persons take care of the lighting conditions for the product.

  • Use Portrait or Sweep Mode to Emphasize the Product

There is no thumb rule on what exact position makes the product look beautiful. Depending on your background, the visual appearance of the product can change.

The background isanother major aspect which needs to be taken care of while shooting a photo or video for your products. Based on the background used, buyers perceive your product.

  • Sweep

Shooting product images with a white background are not such an easy task. If proper arrangements are not made, the cameras and phones can pick the blemishes. In order to avoid it, you need to use a sweep to capture perfect images for your store.

A sweep is a bendable paper sheet that can curve up as white wall starting as a surface beneath your product.

  • Portrait

Sometimes that natural backgrounds are pretty appealing to capture the product images. In such cases, you can use the portrait mode to capture the right shot of your products.

Portrait mode provides the right depth and emphasis on the product. Nowadays, most of the smartphones are equipped with this feature with which they can blur the image of the product and enhance its details.

  • Variety of Images

Make sure to have a number of images for each product, which covers it from different angles. Having product images from multiple angles helps the user understand how exactly your product looks, and this helps in his decision making.


These are some of the basic tips which you need to remember while shooting images for your products. If you are a new eCommerce business store owner, try investing your time in each of the above-mentioned tips and get the best conversion rates on your store.


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