Realtor Postcards 101: How to Make the Best Just Listed Real Estate Postcards

Are you a realtor looking to market your listings more effectively? If so, postcards are a great tool to use. The best just listed real estate postcards can help grab your audience’s attention in a very unique way and quickly convey essential information about the property.

However, for your just-listed postcards to achieve that, they need to have a visually appealing design with enough information about your business. Seeing as your forte is real estate, it’s more than understandable that design might not be one of your strengths.

That’s why we’ve created this tell-all guide to help you create eye-catching and informative postcards that will help you get the results that you want.

Here are some Wise Pelican tips for creating effective just listed real estate postcards:

1. Use Stunning Photos of the Property

The first thing that potential buyers will see on your just-listed real estate postcard is the photo, so make sure it is a good one! Use a high-quality camera to take clear, well-lit photos of the exterior and interior of the property. If you can afford to have a professional photographer take your pictures, that would be even better.

2. Write a Compelling Headline

Your headline should be eye-catching and convey essential information about the property, such as its location, price, or special features. When writing your headline, think about the property’s main selling points and focus on those.

3. Use Persuasive Copy

Your just-listed real estate postcard copy should be persuasive and convince potential buyers that this is the perfect property. Be sure to highlight the key features of the property and use strong words that will compel the audience to take action be it reaching out to you or checking out your social media.

4. Include Critical Facts About the Property in a Brief Description.

Writing short but detailed descriptions of your listings is essential for any just listed real estate postcards. Be sure to include information such as price, location, size, and any special features or amenities.

5. Add Information About Your Realtor Services

Include contact information, such as your phone number or website address, at the bottom of your postcard so that potential buyers can quickly get in touch with you to learn more or schedule a showing.

6. Use an Eye-Catching Design

Your just-listed real estate postcards should have a visually appealing design that catches the eye and makes an excellent first impression. Use attractive photos, colors, and fonts to create a postcard that potential buyers will be drawn to.

7. Print on High-Quality Paper

Make sure you print your just listed real estate postcards on high-quality paper that is thick and sturdy. It will help them stand out in the mail and get potential buyers’ attention.

8. Include a Call to Action

Your just-listed real estate postcards should include a Call to Action or CTA. It could be something simple like “call today” or “visit us online.” The CTA is essential for encouraging potential buyers to take the next step and learn more about your business and the properties you have on the market.

To Sum It Up

Whether you’re a new realtor or an experienced pro, postcards are still one of the best ways to connect with potential clients. They offer an opportunity for personalization that other forms of marketing can’t beat, and they remain one of the most effective means of getting your name out there. Consider the tips listed above to create stunning just-listed real estate postcards that will help take your realtor business to the next level.  



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