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All Credit Cards

This is where Citibank gives its customers a variety of cards. All of these are different and designed to meet different needs and purposes.

The top-rated 5 Credit cards are:

  • Double cash card
  • City Simplicity Card
  • Advantage credit card
  • City Student Awards
  • City Awards

How to Create a Bank Account on

You can now create your own bank account at Citibank online or through a mobile app. Now, you don’t have to go to Citibank branches and you can create an account at home. This is very helpful because you don’t have to take any extra time.

  • All you have to do is go to the website or mobile app.
  • In the corner of the text at the top, you can see to create an account.
  • Type the zip code in your area of ​​residence.
  • Select the type of account you want to create on
  • Fill in all the details and follow and you will get your account number.

How to log in on

There are two ways to login into your Citibank account online. You can use their official website or their mobile application. Make sure you have a good internet connection and a personal device. Because It the case of Bank account and Credit Cards. You have to aware of safety.

By the way,

These are the 8 steps to log in to this site via PC:

  1. View official website
  2. A website will open and you will see a sign in the box in the right corner.
  3. There will be two fields.
  4. When entering a name, type the user ID you created earlier.
  5. Type your password.
  6. Click “Remember my user ID” and enable.
  7. Finally, click on the “Sign On” button.
  8. You will be logged into your account.

These are the 4 steps to log in to this site via the Mobile app:

As we know, In the world, maximum people use Mobile. It is not bad, it is earlier to carry and use. That’s why CitiBank now also has a mobile app to make managing your account easier. If you have already set up your online access, all you have to do is 4 little steps:

  1. Install the Citi Bank mobile app from the Google play store or app store for iOS.
  2. Open the app and click on the login button.
  3. Provide user and password.
  4. You’ll be logged in to your account.

How to Register Your Account Online

  • The first step is to register your account before logging in.
  • You can register your Citibank account online by visiting
    Then Click on Register an account online.
  • Next, Type your account information using your credit or debit card number or your bank account number.
  • Verify and set up username and password.

How to Apply for Credit Card?

You can apply for a credit card from home. You can choose this via Website or Mobile Phone.

Apply from website

  • Open the following link
  • Select the card of your choice.
  • Click “Apply and Learn More.”
  • Then you have to Fill in your personal information, financial information, contact, and address details.
  • Click “I agree“.
  • Now, press Apply.
  • You will receive your card in 3-8 business days.

Apply from Mobile Phone

You can apply for a card by calling 1-877-645-3708. A representative will ask you for details and initial information about your bank. You will receive your card once approved.

How to Activate Your Credit Card at

Like applying for a credit card through the website, you can also activate your Card through the website or Mobile Phone.

Activate your card via Online

  • Visit
  • Select “Activate a card” just below the sign-in button.
  • Type your card number in front of your card.
  • They will ask you for your bank account number, username, and password.
  • Next, click Activate.
  • Your card will then be activated.

Activate through Mobile Phone: 1-877-645-3708

If you have not any PC or Laptop. Don’t worry.

You can activate your card through your mobile phone, just call 1-877-645-3708.

Tell them your card number and ask them to activate the card. Your card will be activated after a few minutes.

Feature of Citi Card
  • Free teller service 24-hour
  • customer service
  • ATM access
  • Money orders
  • Wheelchair-accessible ATMs

Customer Service at

Phone: 1-877-804-10821-605-335-2222

Fax Number: 1-605-335-2222

Email Id: [email protected]


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