Can You Work from Home with HughesNet During COVID-19?

COVID 19 has brought major changes to the way people live, interact, work, learn, play, or do any other day to day tasks. It has affected our lifestyles more than anything during the past year to the extent that it is going to take some time to get back to normal. Although the vaccination process has begun and people are less worried than before, but no one knows what the future holds.

The majority of the employees who had white-collar jobs were asked to work from home instead of coming to the office and they are expected to do so for a while. However, to work from home, one important consideration is having a good internet connection that offers enough bandwidth and monthly data that can support internet usage for work and entertainment for the whole family.

Those who are living in the big cities and socio-economic hubs can certainly get that as there are several fiber optics and coax cable internet providers that are offering services in such areas. However, people who live in remote areas find it hard to get an internet connection that can fulfill their requirements. During such a situation, the only option they are left with is satellite internet – or more precisely, HughesNet, as it is the most widely available and one of the best satellite internet providers.

Can You Work from Home with HughesNet?

For people who do not have many other options for internet services, this is a requirement that the internet should be fast enough to support their work activities such as video calls, file sharing, or team meetings as they are working from home. So, despite HughesNetis the best satellite internet option, they are concerned about whether it can fulfill their needs or not.

To answer this question, HughesNet is America’s number 1 choice when it comes to satellite internet connections as it offers a download speed of up to 25 Mbps with all its plans. Moreover, this is not a shared connection like DSL or Cable Internet, so the connection is only for your home. This means that there are higher chances you will be getting closer to promised download speeds and the connection would be stable.

To make it more accurate to the situation, normal web browsing, checking emails, or social media requires a minimum download speed of 1 Mbps. Similarly, if you would like to make video calls or attend virtual meetings as part of working from home, the minimum download speed that is required is 1 Mbps to 4 Mbps. That means HughesNet can support your work needs very well as the download speed is 6 times more than what is required. To be sure of whether you can get a speed in your area or not, you can call HughesNet customer support and verify the details with them.

Moreover, if you are someone who streams videos or loves to enjoy a movie night with family in HD video quality, the download speed of 5 Mbps is the minimum speed that you are going to need. So, HughesNet is a good choice for internet services to work from home during COVID 19.

Which Data Plan Would Be Best for WFH?

HughesNet offers a good download speed to work from home, you can still face problems if you run out of data. Since HughesNet plans work based onthe amount of data being provided, you will have to choose a plan that offers sufficient data as per your usage. In case you have consumed all the allotted data before the end of the month, your download speed will be reduced to 1-3 Mbps. Although that is not a bad speed, it is not going to be enough for you to work from home, especially when video conferences are a major part of your daily routine.

So, before signing up with HughesNet, get an idea about the amount of data that you use on average every month. That will help you to make the choice easier. In case you have no idea about your data usage, you can also go for HughesNet 30 GB plan to be on the safer side. By the end of the month, if you see that there is some data left in your account and you have not used it all, you can downgrade to a 20 GB plan. Otherwise, you also have the option to upgrade as that can be done at any time.

What If I Have Used All the Data Before the Month Ends?

In case you have used all the data before the month ends, there is nothing to worry about. HughesNet offers additional data coupons for customers who need more data. These coupons can be added to your account through the HughesNet app or by calling HughesNet customer service.

In case you do not want to purchase any data coupons, HughesNet would neither disconnect your services nor charge you any extra amount. You will be getting a download speed of 1-3 Mbps until the next month starts.


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