Manga Stream – Everything You Need to know About it

Manga Stream was one of the most renowned websites that got an array of manga comic books available. Unfortunately, it was recently taken down. But no need to worry. In this golden age of content where every information is digitally available, MangaStream is available on a lot of websites. There are many readers who consume manga comics every day. 

What is MangaStream?

As the name says, it is the website that streams manga comics online. Users and fans can avail of their favorite Japanese manga comics for free.

It is their wide fan base which is taking the initiative to take the manga comics to the world. As they are translating the comics in English, French, Italian, and many more different languages.

Is it True that MangaStream is dead?

Yes! MangaStream website was taken dow. There were a lot of reasons involved to shut down the website. One of the prime reason was to promote and stream legal content. The makers of MangaStream took heavily on the piracy activities, as they want readers to read the content from the legal sources.

List of MangaStream alternative websites :

There are many MangaStream alternatives that are still circulating on the internet. In this post, we have curated 6 best available source websites that will help you access your favorite manga comics in any language you want. Here are those :

MangaDex – It is said to be one of the best MangaStream alternatives which are available to provide manga comics to its users. It is available in a different version. Users can access it in paperback or hardcover versions. In addition, one can have alternative fan-made endings, different colored versions, and even official crossovers. This website has comics available in over 50 different languages.

MangaFox – This MangaStream alternative will fulfill all your desires and hunger for the manga universe. This website’s color theme is orange, black, and white. One of the best features of this website is adaptive zoom feature gives a very good reading experience. You can also download the official app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

MangaOwl – The reason why this website gained popularity is the regular release of various manga comics, that too before their official release. You can say it is one of the best MangaStream alternatives due to operated by operated via, which is a larger crowdsourcing community that promotes a lot of manga comic content for free. 

MangaPark – The best MangaStream alternatives available got a very simple and clean look. It got a user’s comfortable reading feature that will automatically upload up to 10 images for one chapter. One can also download unlimited content from their website. It also contains the A to Z directory of manga comics. 

MangaTown – It is one of the new websites which got recently launched ib 2020. This MangaStream alternative got the mind-blowing look and design that will give users a splendid experience to explore their favorite manga comics. The website is also available for your mobile, tablet, and laptops. There are various genres to look for such as adventure, drama, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, romance among others. 

MangaHere – This is the only MangaStream alternative where you’ll not only find Japanese manga but also some Koren, Hongkong, European, and even Chinese Manga, etc. The look and navigation of the website is easy to roll and very user-friendly interface. They have a separate section by the name ‘Manga Alerts’ where every manga lover can be up-to-date with the latest and upcoming manga comics. 


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