5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Disney Timeshare

There are over 220,000 families in the Disney Vacation Club for a good reason. Membership doesn’t just make going to Disney easier, there are many other benefits.

If you have a DVC membership or are thinking of getting one then you should know how to optimize your perks.

Read on for 5 ways to get the most out of your Disney timeshare.

  1. Get Annual Pass

Membership includes more than booking Disney timeshare rentals for less money. You can also use your DVC account to buy annual passes to any Disney park at a discounted rate. This means lower prices for you and your family to visit the parks anytime during the year.

Having an annual pass makes planning your vacation convenient by not having to buy tickets ahead of time or on the spot. Instead, walk right into the park and increase the number of times you utilize your DVC points by going multiple times a year.

  1. Explore New Restaurants

One of the best Disney timeshare promotions is the discount given for in-park and hotel restaurants. If you are not using any of the dining plans, then you can usually get anywhere between 10% to 20% off your bill at some of the finest restaurants in Disney.

This benefit helps you explore new dining experiences while saving even more money on eating out. So, you do not have to worry about budgeting or skipping your favorite cafe.

  1. Try Different Hotels

Use your Disney World timeshare to expand your lodging options. Browse the DVC points chart to see what hotels are available during your planned vacation dates.

You can also choose what type of room fits your points budget or change your date to save even more money with your timeshare. Swapping property with other shareholders makes it easier to try out other hotels before you buy into them.

  1. Go Shopping

In addition to Disney World timeshare rentals, a DVC membership also offers discounts at various stores across several resorts and theme parks. Discounts and participating stores change but some past examples include ESPN Zone and the LEGO Imagination Center.

You may also get a reduced price at hotel spas and retail brands like Pandora and Quicksilver. Be sure to check the latest discounts or ask a salesperson before you go on a shopping spree.

  1. Take a Cruise

You can apply your Disney timeshare cost to more than just a stay at a resort. Take your vacation to the sea on a Disney Cruise Line.

Destinations on a Disney ship include the Bahamas, Alaska, Mexico, Europe, the Mediterranean, and more. They range anywhere from a 3-day getaway to an 8-day excursion with several ports to explore. Plus, cruises include all of the magic and charm that you would expect from Disney. Check out the 20 things to do in san angelo tx at night.

Making the Most of Your Disney Timeshare

When you invest in a Disney Timeshare you want to make sure you use your points before they expire, but also take advantage of all your membership perks. Be sure to plan in advance to book your hotel, choose your restaurants, and experience everything Disney has to offer.

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